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White Sox November Trade Block

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The White Sox, entering the offseason, have the following players available on the trading block:


SP Joseph Musgrove .... Limited ML time, is 25 years old and earning league minimum.  Has repeatedly had 10+ K/9 ratings throughout the minors, 9.2 K/9 for the White Sox in limited innings this past season.  Many different trade possibilities: power bat, late inning reliever, or prospects at a number of positions. Looking for an impact player in return.


SP/RP Michael Davis (AAA) ... Had a 2.02 ERA in AAA last season, primarily as a starter.  9.1 K/9 at the Major League level in 28.2 IP.  A 6-pitch pitcher.  2 option years remaining.  Moving him to clear a 40 man slot, will take a low level prospect in return.


2B Juan Cintron ... Elite defender at 2B and SS.  Rated 55 as a contact hitter.  Have a couple other players on the roster right now to serve as our depth at MI, willing to trade Cintron to clear a 40 man slot.  Seeking a prospect or ML or AAA reliever in return.  AAA reliever would need to be one with a legitimate shot at the Majors, not just a AAAA player.



LF Edwin Gomez ... Gomez has been a wonderful piece for us over the past few years but may not have a room on this club in 2019.  Decent hitter, gets on base at a nice rate, switch hitter, can hit absolutely anywhere in the lineup.  We may hang onto him as our 4th OFer for 2019 but willing to discuss deals if anyone covets him.  Would be looking for a prospect, probably, in return, or would consider a ML reliever.


LF Floyd Wallace ... 27 years old, power stroke, but has not played well in White Sox pinstripes.  Switch hitter and a Team Captain personality.  $1.8m salary for the next three years (19/20/21).  Looking to clear the 40 man slot, will trade him for a low level prospect or a AAA/AA reliever with Major League potential.



Plenty of other players potentially available, just inquire.



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