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Colorado Rockies 2018-19 Off-season Trade Block

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MLB Hitters

- 27yr/old - Ji-Man Choi - .292/.361/.535/.896 slash line in 169 PAs last year. 134 OPS+ and 1.7 WAR. He should be starting somewhere but it wont happen in Colorado with Mckinnley in front of him.
- 23yr/old - Andrew Taylor - Rule 5 pick this year so would have to remain on your 25 man roster. One of the best defenders in the game with some promise offensively. 80 Defender in CF and RF with 80 range, 75 error and 70 arm.
- 28yr/old - Jackie Bradley jr - Solid all the way around player. Hit .287/.356/.379/.735 in MLB last year.

- 29yr/old - Didi Gregorius - 1.9 WAR in 2018 across AAA and MLB.  Solid ratings.  Great defensive flexibility with elite 3B defense.

MLB Starting/Relief Pitching:
- 26yr/old - Peter Tago - Currently injured for a few more months. Great addition to a staff to use as starter or in bullpen. He pitched 70 innings before going down with an injury. 4 pitches. Cheap contract.
- 32 yr/old - Jake Arrieta - 5 Pitches! 60 stuff. Solid year in AAA last year. MiLC contract!
- 29 yr/old - Luis Mendez - 65/55/55 w/ 60 Fats ball and 70 slider. MiLC Contract!

Additional Hitting Options
- 30yr/old - Ryan Jackson - Great club house guy, bench guy who can play everywhere in IF, and fill in starter. Cheap contract.
- 27yr/old - Leveon Washington - Great speed! Plays 5 positions. Proven everything he needs to prove at AAA.
- 27yr/old - Justin Oconnor - Produced positive WAR in limited stints. Nice cheap backup catcher option.
- 27yr/old - Adam Brett Walker- Great ratings v Lefty. Proved everything he needs to by being in the minors.
- 27yr/old - Juan Gonzales - Has assaulted AAA pitching. Ready for the majors. Still on MLC.

Colorado Team Needs:
- Lefty Starter
- Upgrade at 2B or 3B
- Prospects

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