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Oakland Athletics 2018-19 Offseason Trade Block

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Here's who the Athletics will be shopping this offseason:


SP Matt Moore: Good option as an innings-eating, mid-rotation SP at a reasonable salary ($7.0M (2019), $7.5M (2020), TO for $8M (2020, $1M buyout).


C Larry Gonzalez or Juan Carlos Estrada: I need to move one of these guys. Gonzalez is a mediocre hitter with mediocre defense, but has excellent intangibles.  Estrada is young and promising, has a high leader rating with low work ethic, is a better than average defender, and is coming off a miserable offensive season.  My preference would be to move Gonzalez, but I really just need to move one or the other.  


2B Cory Spangenberg: Coming off an injury-shortened season that saw him log only 90 PA. He is a decent starter with good contact skills and is mechanically sound at 2B, but Luis Seda is the present and the future at 2B for Oakland.  


There you have it.  Not necessarily an overwhelming list, and none of these guys will cost you to much.  I don't need "ready now" talent or prospects that are super close.  My preference is to trade for young players in the low minors.

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