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Hello people. My name is Sean ....

Started By DeViLzzz, Oct 10, 2018 12:55 PM

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Hello people. My name is Sean and I am a huge fan of sports simulation games.  What led me here today was the fact that while testing to see if my internet was working properly or not I clicked on some free to play baseball game that I had saved a link to and well it worked but the game was nowhere to be found and so I did a Google search and eventually came to this site.  Hoping I can have some fun here.  

First sports sim I played was MicroLeague Baseball for the C64.

Anyway I am from Canada and on the border and used to travel to the US a fair bit and saw the Blue Jays play in the old Tiger Stadium and in Comerica Park or whatever it's called. I was supposed to see a Reds game while in Cincy one time but a miserable, old ex of mine believed her friend when she said my son went over the line about something and was just ready to call the trip and so it was over.  It was ridiculous and my son did not cross the line at all when talking to her son.  People .... sometimes ....

My dad, brother and I got to meet Denny McLain, of the World Series Champion '68 Tigers, at a London Tigers minor league game.  Wish that team was still around but things change. They were located in London, Ontario, Canada btw.

Also a fond memory is my son running the bases at Comerica Park as a pretty young kid. Other family at the time was there and they are kind of slow about partaking in certain fun things after a sporting event is over and I have to be the one that urges them on to do something so anyway yeah my son got onto a real MLB field.  What an experience that must have been for him.

Now in regards to real baseball these days the PEDs have soured me on the game but I have been able to watch those short versions of the games on YouTube provided by the MLB and just other regular people.  I have only watched the playoff games though.  I am cheering for the Dodgers a bit as I want my dad to see them win another one and get closer to the Yankees total. LOL!  However I always have had a soft spot in my heart for the Brewers and while I cringe at seeing Ryan Braun out there I cheer for the rest of the team.

As for real life it has been hell for much of it since the age of 12 or so. No more talking about that.

Anyway .. HI!

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Welcome, it's always great to have more sim legends 

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