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  1. Sounds like a good idea, although I don't believe I'd make a great trading partner for you at the moment lol. Gotta work my way up from the bronze league :/
  2. Should be a good season, I'm off to a decent start in the bronze league
  3. Yeah, I'm also interested in playing time and how it effects your young players, should you shelter them with less minutes and slowly give them more over time, or should you test them in tough situations etc etc
  4. Are some players more injury prone than others? I ask this because I have a player who has pretty good endurance and is always in good health...unless he's injured of course. The guy is also like 6'6" 229lbs so i doubt his size had much to do with the injury. It's probably just bad luck but I think it would be neat to implement something like that if you haven't already. Also (on a sidenote) I'm loving the game so far, keep up the good work Anders.
  5. I joined the LIHL in alfa world a game into the seaon, as the 0-0-0-1 Wailua Homesteads Vipers. I'm currently sitting in 9th with a 4-0-1-5 record and I own the co-highest point scorer in the league. I'm currently trying to find the right formula to put up consistent points but my forwards are struggling to score goals. Fortunately 4 of my top 6 scorers are D-men, though I don't know how long that can be sustained.