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  1. I think its more the difficulity to find this. Browser games arent so popular anymore, if there was phone app for this I think it would boost the user rate dramatically.
  2. And is it possible to have player advanced stats to league section too like team advanced stats?
  3. Any info yet to give what features are coming next and what are you planning to add? This was great update!
  4. And is there any plan when the awards are coming in?
  5. Every bit of more stats and micromanagememt is very well welcome! Nice to know thanks.
  6. Any information when we may get update and what it have in it? And what features are you planning to add in near future? Thanks!
  7. Up. Probably happened to suomyyrä today too.
  8. For number 2) I think its right when those who are more willing to scout get the price for it BUT it really could have more tools. Maybe opinion to search players by certain skill rating range? Like on fa market. For number 4) Should be there and could also add 5vs3 lines and 3vs5 lines? Few suggestions more without big explanarions: -Visual line chemistry (should reward long term lines, so you get reward for keeping same players and lines even several seasons) -National teams and maybe even best managers from previous seasons could go to manage them for a season and highlight being world cup -option to compare two players by ratings and profile -individual stats leaders for 18-21yo players -historical games between two teams (adding some rivarly) -historical top 20 stats on certain league and also in your team -play-by-play live feed. Dont know if its essy to code but would make evening even more thrilling -maybe U21 national teans too -option to keep opponents specific player under extra focus
  9. This took some time to understand but have now happened twice for me and once for my friend so it was easy to make the conclusion. Pretty important to fix because all managers maybe are not fair and admit this if this happens.
  10. In some rare cases when you sen counter offer to other managers trade offer, it comes to you to accept. So actually you can accept your own counter offer to other manager.
  11. So i sent a trade offer in cage—>chl between natives and sand storm and it was accepted immeadetly by sand storm. The manager of the team is my friend in IRL also so i knew it wasnt intentional and he said it also. We made it back so no harm done but maybe worth investigating?
  12. Again would be very nice add on to game. More depth is must and hopefully we see something already soon!
  13. To suggestions, they would both be very good for game. Also marking spesific opponent player or play specific line against opponent line would be nice!