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  1. All ready tried that.. No matter what update i use as a "base" (octobers or Aprils) when i edit it and re-ulpoad it, when i try to import it through the game it always stucks somewhere.... I've tried varius file hosting sites and i tried deleting the logos too so i dont have a broken link, nothing worked!!! This game is abandoned and its a pitty because with a few improvements it could be no.1 basket sim for android...
  2. hi trying to upload my edited cvs file for Dynasty manager basketball but i cant do it! i tried to attach the file but i get the message that im not permitted to attach this kind of file... Can anyone help me?how will i upload my edited cvs file? its the last updated rosters from October...thanx in advance
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    Hi everybody.. I just want to upload a file for my favorite game sheet001.htm alternate coaches2.htm