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  1. The forum looks pretty nice now that it's using a lighter profile.
  2. I said "if" on purpose. It may or may not gather managers together. It really depends in which time zone the games happen and so forth. Personally, I missed 95% of games in Hockey Dynasty because their live games were set to align with Canada. Also, managers who don't join the chat now, most likely will not do so in the future either. It's a nice feature, but hardly the most important. It gives a time frame when chat could become busy, but it's not a guarantee.
  3. Nooooo rush with the live game. I've never cared about that feature because it doesn't really add a whole lot to the game itself. Having said that, it does add tons of social cohesion if/when managers flock the chats during live game event, so I'm certainly not against it as long as it doesn't eat all the available resources.
  4. I don't have a team in Buzzer, so I can't see your team, but a proper two-way line can be a multitude of variations other than three two-way guys— maybe experiment with different roles, try a different player on that line. Playing two centers on the same line doesn't matter as long as their skill sets are what you want and need— put three centers on the same line if needs to be.
  5. This is something I've been waiting a long time. A true eye opener for me. There was a lot of things here that I could not have figured out on my own. Like Paul said, this certainly changes how I look at players. I'm so glad each skill is not a guess game anymore.
  6. Okay I think I wasn't clear enough. I've had a long day, so bear with me. I'm familiar with what you're saying, Paul, but still the main identity of a team comes from the main idea of how they (coaching) want to play the game. This is why I wouldn't mess with the tactics as much as with the line focuses. By having more options in the line focus menu, you could make some lines lean toward a different kind of gameplay (tactic) without completely changing it to something different. Dump & chases happen in every game, crash the nets happen in every game if an opportunity presents itself, puck possession is an important aspect of hockey and rushes happen in every game as well. I guess I just think of the tactics as setting the major backbone of how you want your team to play, but within that tactic, I'd like to see a lot more variation in the form of line focus options. I do like the suggestion in itself, I just think we're having a different approach to it.
  7. I like all the suggestions here except the 3rd one (tactics by line). Usually a real team has a certain way to play hockey, and usually it's some version of the existing archetypes. Perhaps more variation for the line focuses. Perhaps an option to make one line, for example, play two-way while your team tactic is puck possession, but make it a two-way with more direct play that would benefit more physical players. I don't know if I'm being clear enough on this, but it's just two cents out of my murky brain.
  8. I have 14 claims on my goalie now. He was supposed to go out on day 3. It's now day 6. Please, GPHM staff, do something.
  9. Deadwing

    Season 2 General Chat

    LOL same here. I cannot describe the level of disappointment. I was sitting in front of the screen precisely at 7:50pm just to realize it's going to be day 108, not 1.
  10. No, the second affiliate was removed in 2.0. Each team has one affiliate now regardless of the level of your league.
  11. I like the look of the jersey. Nicely unique color theme. There's quite a few cat related team names in the game in general, not just GHL, so... Thumbs up!
  12. Good points all around. Dominating is fun and crushing your opponent 8-0 is fun, but if that continues throughout the entire season instead of being a single occasion it does get very boring. Tight struggles makes the game interesting. I had promotion series tied 2-2 and the last game ended in a shootout loss. The disappointment was overwhelming at first, but it's part of the game. I took a couple of days off just to breathe a little, but now preparing for the next season is ongoing as usual.
  13. Yes, it has sneaked into my thoughts every now and then. Walking the dog is the most common time when I find myself sorting out future plans for my team.
  14. It's not the quality but quantity!
  15. Grinders and two-way players work good for traditional 3rd and 4th lines. I have a habit of trying to add one great two-way forward on scoring line(s) as well because I tend to think of the game through defense. Other combinations have been successful too. This season I'm running a little different setup. So far it has not yielded desirable results against the top teams, but I blame that on GHL dropouts. Can't get wins against those unless stars truly align. OA 89's do not belong to SHL.