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  1. If you're a whisky drinker and got some cash to spend I'd suggest Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Bowmore single malt is great, but also pricey. If you want something to enjoy more often, Famous Grouse is a good choice. From mixed drinks, I always choose Jack n' Coke. Better taste result than any rum I've ever tried with coke. I know rum n' coke is a thing, but I like my rum straight. From rums I like to go for the smoother ones, which means spiced mixes. Captain Morgan Spiced Gold and Negrita Golden Spice are both great ones to down while going through FA's during off season. From whisky liquors Southern Comfort is the way to go. Sweet and easy. I know my poisons
  2. I like the design. Both home and away versions look nice.
  3. Like I said, it's a wild guess because it's only based on trial and error experience during the last 3 seasons. Nothing deeper than that. Dude... I don't drink whisky. Rum is my poison and the source of my infinite wisdom.
  4. Deadwing

    Advanced stats help

    It's mostly momentary frustration when things happen without obvious reason. I'm not looking for the "winning formula". I'm not good enough manager to straight up say that if I do everything right, then I should win every game. Hockey doesn't work that way in the real world, and it shouldn't do that in a game that attempts to simulate that. Often times I let losses go by with a shrug, mostly because I can clearly see performance issues, playing against a vastly superior team (think Finland - Soviet Union in the 80's) or some other clear failure to execute the game plan. Quite often losses may happen without a clear reason and that's fine too— there is such thing as luck in hockey as well. It's when these mysterious failures begin to pile into an overwhelming mountain without anything clear to fix, things become a little foggy to me. What to do when there's nothing obvious to be done? This is why I ranted about having more information at hand. It might help or it might not. I do admit that when things go south bad enough my ability to see problems, no matter how obvious they might be, becomes less and less. Usually, the best option is to walk away from the game for a day or two and then take a second look with fresh eyes. I still think the more information there is the better, but I do apologize my rather uncalled-for outburst. Sometimes even the combined knowledge of Steve Yzerman, Stan Bowman and Ray Shero won't save you if the upset and frustration have already melted your brain into mush.
  5. Deadwing

    Advanced stats help

    I agree on that we need more tools and more transparency to determine what works well and what does not. The advanced stats are great, but they only go so far. I understand that RNG is always a part of the game, and it should be, a random chance of luck is a large portion of a real hockey game as well. Sometimes, and quite often actually, it feels like stuff is happening without clear understanding of what exactly is wrong, and that is not something I like in a manager game. It leaves me in the dark concerning pretty much everything. Great example is the current season. I started strong and won the first five games, then I dove deep and borderlined a crisis team, and then, out of nowhere, everything clicked and I began to perform well. Why? I didn't do anything drastic. I had a balanced team to begin with. My winner instinct sucked in the beginning and it keeps on sucking to this day, but it doesn't seem to have any effect to my team's performance. Suddenly everything just seems to work like a dream. My 1st and 2nd goalies are both doing well now, but they both had a streak of really bad games... why? A single game is easy to swallow. Okay.. shit happens in a real hockey game too, but over a longer period of time good players can turn it around and excel. In GPHM it seems to be quite random.... why? I just want to know more about why things happen the way they happen, so I can adjust accordingly.. you know.. like a hockey team manager would.
  6. I don't know, but a wild guess would be a slight yes. I've noticed a difference between big games traits per line for sure. Have them all nervous and you can count that the line will freeze in the playoffs, but have a heroic, stable and nervous/anxious and it works like a dream. Balance seems to be the key. 3 x heroic doesn't work either.. they just falter and die to put it in an exaggeratingly dramatic form. My guess is that personality traits might and could work in a similar way. I guess the biggest thing is to not be all afraid of red traits. They are needed as well as the greens.
  7. Sometimes those player just surprise. They're never going to be stars of the team, but when the skill set compliments a given role and tactic, they can do very well in that. Remember to give an update on how he managed those few games.
  8. I'd say yes, a winger with high faceoff value could play center role just like centers with poor faceoff skill play winger. Sometimes I wish the position was more flexible. Instead of having strictly categorized forwards and centers and whatnot, there could be "Center/Forward" combos, or let's get even more wild, "Forward/Defender" where the first one is the primary role, but the player can perform equally well in another. Perhaps this secondary role could be something what a player can learn along the way? This in case there actually is some penalty for playing off position because I've never noticed any. Some of my best wingers have been centers.
  9. Deadwing

    Admin power

    Stay sharp, folks. In the next draft, the Cage managers have a chance to draft Tobias Glawing himself. Does he have some hidden skill that makes the opponent's goalie melt into a puddle of gatoraid?
  10. Deadwing

    Advanced stats help

    Corsi and PDO are great to determine if player(s) are performing badly over an extended period of time, but at the same time it can be deceptive. They're not something I'm looking first to see when something is wrong. Other indicators will tell me that beforehand.
  11. I just had my ass handed to me in 5-0 loss, followed by a tight 5-4 win. This all happened after a miraculous winning streak that almost wiped the misery of season's beginning away, and now I find myself nervous about every game, fighting very hard not to do major changes because it could potentially screw things up more than fix anything. In the middle of all this turmoil, I have to admit it's exactly what I'm looking for.
  12. Is it possible to make the chat window bigger? Currently the messages go off the screen quite fast. Requires a lot of scrolling to keep up.
  13. The forum looks pretty nice now that it's using a lighter profile.