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  1. I'm all for this! My suggestion is to poll the current Dangles managers to see the appetite for flipping to the NA style when ready as I think there are at least 30 of us now that enjoy the fast speed and were looking for something new to jump into this world in the first place. I tried a slow world to begin with and it wasn't for me. I have tried entering a world as a IHL manager and it wasn't for me. The idea of all 30 or 31 managers entering a World as equals would be an AMAZING feature. I rarely post but wanted to add my 2 cents... Minnesota City Wild GHL Dangles
  2. mwptak

    Game World Paused

    This is my first experience with a game pause and it has been over 6 hours. Is this normal?
  3. mwptak

    Free agents

    Also, 18-20 year old free agents created during the season for the new world Dangles are all signing with the same team that already has over 60 players. Very frustrating
  4. Simulation was not in progress and the issue was fixed after the next day of the season with access to the team page and ability to make trades. Not sure if a fix was initiated but all is good!
  5. I just tried to initiate a trade and waited a few minutes while the system was thinking before I closed the webpage. Playing on iPad if that makes a difference
  6. I started to release old guys and recall from affiliate, but now receive the "oops, something went wrong" when I try to get in the team page. All other pages are working fine in Lumber, my team is Molson Wildcats in SHL. This is my first post as a rookie so feedback on what I should include in future is appreciated...