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  1. Exactly. This is why we need the ability to export stats and/or view a larger range like Top 200 instead of Top 20.
  2. I think this is just it. It's extremely difficult to analyze any one thing in a vacuum. Goalies for example... first, you would need to analyze the Top AND Bottom goalies in the league. If most of the top performers are Stable and Anxious, that would imply that the Big Games trait doesn't matter... unless you take a deeper look and realize the bottom ten are all nervous... and that most above average goalies that are Heroic have really bad defenses in front of them. But who knows. You'd really have to take it all into consideration (team they play for, defense in front of them, specific attributes, are they only playing bottom tier teams, traits, etc.) and that seems like more time consuming than it's worth. I wish there was a way to export all these stats/attributes/traits to make researching easier.
  3. Shortly after I wrote the initial post I did some research between teams who had Heroic WI and teams that had bad or just OK WI.... and.... I couldn't find anything that would solve the mystery. Over the last week I acquired 3 players. There was nothing special trait-wise about these players, but it has increased my WI to Heroic and subsequently knocked my Teamwork down a few rungs, although still Harmony. So.... I still have no idea. What I do know is that the two teams facing off in the S3 GHL Finals do not have Heroic WI. One is just OK and the other is Strong, but seems to border more on OK than Heroic. I'm sure WI has an impact, but it seems like having talented players has the most impact on winning and losing.
  4. A great Finals matchup for sure! Defending champs and beasts of the East, the Dragons against the West Chicago Hawks (formerly West Chicago Protons, and multiple time champions, of Biscuit). I can see dynasties starting for both of these teams.
  5. We need more off-topic posts around here. I am pretty boring when it comes to booze, tbh. My tastes are similar to what you listed above. My typical go-to is American whiskey/bourbon or beer. I've been getting away from beer recently as I tend to like the darker, hoppy beers, but recently drinking one of those feels like I just ate a 32 oz. prime rib on top of a pound of pasta. My biggest decision is usually whether to drink the bourbon with coke, ginger ale or straight. If I want to mix things up I'll have a vodka and sprite - or vodka and red bull. If made right, an Old Fashioned is really good. I just never have all the ingredients and don't like spending more than 15 seconds preparing my drink. If no one is looking, I'll add a splash of cranberry and wedge of lime to my vodka-sprite. And maybe once a month I'll have a glass of red wine with a meal (but not something I would drink without food and I don't think this is what you're going for). Tequila and rum are also good, but haven't had either of them in years. Amaretto, Sambuca and Drambuie are really good, but after a few shots you get sick of em. The only things I absolutely would not drink are gin and white wine... or something fruity with umbrellas in it, unless I'm on a tropical island somewhere, in which case it would be the first thing I ordered.
  6. Everything seems back to normal now. I started noticing the issue with the Messages page around January 10th and the problem persisted until yesterday January 15th.
  7. Yes. For me it has only been the Messages page which can sometimes take 5-10 minutes to load. All other pages are fine.
  8. Pending some draft research this weekend, there's a chance that I'd want to move up into a Top 10 draft position. Would be willing to package my GHL 1st (#20) + 1 or 2 younger players to make it happen. Edit: Nevermind
  9. The Hawks and Prairie Stars are both on #@*k!&g fire and about to collide!
  10. Per the "Current Road Map" post, there is apparently a new release coming this month with a new Scouting feature.
  11. Wow, so the regular season series between all the current match-ups was 2-2. These quarterfinals should be very close. I agree that the Dragons and Red Tide are the two best teams in the East - and will be for quite some time. They are starting to get a little rivalry going, which is great. The Prairie Stars and Hawks have been the two best teams out West and I don't see that changing any time soon either. But we all know that anything can happen in the playoffs, which is what keeps it exciting. And rainsilent - great season for you despite the early playoff exit. I was impressed with what you were able to accomplish with a team without much super star power. Taking nothing away from the Nightmares as Tyrod always puts together a solid team (think they are much better than 8th place btw), but the OT and double SO losses were a rough way to end it - and I still think the fact that we can't edit our SO lineup makes it frustrating at times. On paper this was more like a 3/6 or 4/5 match-up. Good luck to all remaining.
  12. I suggested something very similar to this in the Focus Group prior to the reset. I don't think I can link the post here, but here is what I stated. We should allow managers to Bid over the Cap. To clarify what I am suggesting, here is an example: Say a team has $10M in cap space and wants to sign a free agent. There are two free agents they would love to bid on, but they are both asking about $8M. My suggestion would be to allow a team to bid on both players and select a priority (or have priority be based on the amount being offered) sort of like the draft priority function. Bid $8M on Player A (priority 1) Bid $7M on Player B (priority 2) If player A signs with your team, the offer on player B becomes invalid for salary cap reasons. If player A signs with another team, the offer on player B can be processed. I don't have the slightest idea what level of effort this would take, but wondering if something like this would be possible in the future?
  13. The full stats thing was my #1 suggestion here:
  14. Damn. I stated that I was determined to win this in Season 3, but came up short. Although I just realized that 2 of my players were #1 and 2 in Hits this season which makes me proud. But I am still determined to win this one at some point.
  15. Imagine your team being such sh!t that you have to hate on greatness. "Not as good as he once was". Sure, I'll buy that. He's 42. GOAT
  16. Kudos to the following teams: - Trojans (formerly Union) and Red Thunder... both managed to stay in GHL this season despite going the majority of the season managed by the computer. - Kamikaze for avoiding relegation after having just promoted from SHL. - Masons... who get a special kudos for avoiding relegation after just promoting from SHL - and it also being their first time in GHL. This is no easy task. Wait, I thought this was a trash talk thread.
  17. In addition to the series above, don't forget about the two battles to avoid relegation. In some ways these are more intense as there's so much to lose. East: Former GHL champion Stray Cats vs. Patriots. West: and old Biscuit rivalry, Vandals vs. Elite
  18. I haven't followed the West that much this season, but agree that Ricochet vs. Wolverines is probably the most exciting first round match-up. Also, Rage is always my sleeper pick to turn it on in the playoffs. Their coach is a lunatic and the players are downright scared to fail. In the East, the Nightmares and Bulldogs are solid teams, but the Minutemen and Red Tide are firing on all cylinders. Bears vs. Duhawks should be the most even series. For some reason I have always confused these two teams, as far back as season 1, so it's funny they are matched up against each other. And my series with Peek's Dragons seems like a very even match-up on paper. I like my team, but have come to realize we have some major holes to fix. For starters, my goalie is already tired. Jesus. People talk about goalies blowing games for their respective teams this season, but I'd be willing to bet Amick has blow more games than every other goalie this season... games that the performance ratings and game stats suggest we otherwise would have won. So my options are a tired/exhausted goalie... an anxious goalie... or a 79-rated affiliate goalie. Again, I really like my team, but the past two seasons we've had the #2 seed and have won a combined 2 games, getting bounced by lower seeds. This is also the 3rd straight season where we have been on a cold streak heading into the playoffs. Would I be surprised if I win... maybe not. But until the Stealheads prove they can win a playoff series, I don't have much confidence in them. My only shot is if the Dragons goalies under-perform. Either way, thanks for pulling this together, Rain. Good luck to everyone!
  19. Consider my poor powerplay another mystery. For as long as I've been playing, my powerplay has sucked. I'll try to refrain from writing another novel, but there's a few reasons for that. First, I like to stack my PK first, then PP. I don't like to overplay players. Second, I've never really focused on how to fix it, but did recently change my tactic this season and PP, and more scoring in general, will be my goal for future seasons. Ironically enough, my powerplay isn't just terrible... I allow a TON of SHG too. But I agree, with the players I have it should be much better. I would also say our series is 50/50. I'm just not overly confident in a team that consistently chokes - and my goalie has been absolutely awful all season, despite being great the season before. He's also already tired even with a day off, so you may likely see my backup once or twice... and/or an exhausted Amick. Thanks for the compliment though... I was trying to avoid you as well.
  20. I'm just playing. I was confusing you with me. Love that sweet bourbon.
  21. Good series @Peekaboo Good luck in round 2.
  22. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I understand the concern. Occasionally things happen that just don't seem right... like the computer led Angels mopping the floor with the #1 Prairie Stars for the 2nd time this season. But I've seen weirder stuff in real life so that's what I tell myself. In terms of "not figuring out what you're doing"... I know I'm not taking this in the exact context as you mean it, but I don't think anyone really knows what they are doing, especially in terms of WI. Teams that are Heroic most likely got there by accident and would probably trade for better players even if it meant lowering their WI. You are current GHL champ and heading back to the playoffs, so in that sense, you know what you are doing - or at least enough to be highly successful. I've typically managed to keep my TW and WI high, but am aware my team was major holes. Need goalie, an offensive Dman and more scoring depth. I think every team has holes and every manager still has a ton to learn about the game. (Another tangent) I know a few other managers have expressed being frustrated at the game and I have to laugh a bit because in reality, only 1 out of 28 teams in GHL wins every season. The other 27 are likely frustrated at something or another. 6 teams will get relegated... they are frustrated. Another 6 won't make the playoffs... frustrated. 15 teams will get eliminated in the playoffs, and so on. That's why I really feel like managers should find other reasons to enjoy the game aside from wins and losses. Only 1 of 28 GHL teams are happy in the end. Well, 2, because I could care less about losing. Just yell at my players and move on
  23. Agree about Kim. If he sticks it out another 3-4 seasons he will start racking up the championships and dominating like he used to do in Biscuit. And I just realized the scoring race last week. It's weird seeing one of my players at the top of the league... I usually have more balanced contributions. I actually tried to acquire Dag in season 1. He's a good player.