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  1. Alright, time to start doing my draft research for this season. It looks like I will actually get a good pick this season with my own pick.
  2. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    /\ I will add to the above, which I have stated before, that I STRONGLY feel there is an element of randomness to this game. As there should be! I think some of the information that you are looking to obtain just isn't as simple as it seems (like rainsilent said), and that you're going to end up not enjoying the game as much as you should. So I don't mean to imply that you aren't enjoying the game, but I think that your current mindset will lead you to not enjoy the game. The randomness that I talk about could be anything from: - puck luck (that crazy biscuit takes some weird bounces sometimes). - players just having off games (they do in real life)... Ovechkin had a game a few nights ago where he scored 3G + 1A, then followed that up with 3 games of 0+0 and a -1. - the fact that the player ratings aren't as far apart as most people view them. A sub-90 rating doesn't mean the player sucks at that specific skill. Even an 85 rating in certain skills is considered a natural for certain roles. - there's probably 5-10 other things I could list here, but I'm losing my train of thought. Sometimes inferior teams beat more dominant teams. Sometimes teams with low winner instinct win close games. By the way, Winner Instict is something that I have NEVER been able to figure out. I've had a Heroic team, at most, for a couple of games, before it slid back down the bar. I'm going to be pumped when I finally figure it out, but I hope it's by chance... I don't want someone to give me the magical formula. And after seeing your second comment about you implying that you aren't enjoying the game, here's some reasons why you SHOULD enjoy the game - you are current GHL champ - you are currently in 1st place - you have a great team now and into the future (this doesn't mean that sometimes you won't get beat by an SHL team here and there... it happens). - despite it's minor flaws, the game is still REALLY F*CKING COOL You are a good manager. I like the league being filled with good managers. Simple as that. I was bummed out when Eric left (Fairbanks Union)... I was bummed out when Matt H left (Brass Castle Berzerkers). It was clear to me that they both left because their teams weren't doing as good as they wanted them to. But in the end, nobody really cares. To me that is just insane. The object of the game is to win. Sure. I want to win. But that's not why I enjoy the game. It's the escape from real life that I enjoy. Just as much as winning, I also enjoy scouting the draft, developing players, trying players in new roles and positions, chatting with Wendel and Naekfor about various things. There are times I get BS after a loss to an inferior team, but then I step back and have a "who gives a sh*t" moment. Failure isn't losing a game or having a losing record or getting relegated. Failure is getting upset in real life about fake game failure and not being able to just enjoy it for what it is (that isn't directed at anyone in particular... it's directed at EVERYONE!). See - I went off on another tangent again. Take from it what you will.
  3. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I didn't mean to imply that. Sometimes when I start writing my posts, I continue to expand on them based on where I am with my own thoughts. I try to give others a glimpse of the logic behind my thinking as opposed to trying to attack what the other person is saying. I've been doing that since the beginning of time... check some of my posts from 2017 So, sorry if it came across that way. I enjoy having analytical discussions about the game, but don't enjoy when it becomes argumentative. There's plenty of room for that in other aspects of my life... like work... and marriage I think at this point we are just thinking about the game differently.
  4. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I wasn't accusing you of anything. I was simply providing my own opinion. By making comments like " I am really trying to understand why is my winner instinct in blue, while clearly some other teams that are in green and if you ask me they shouldn't be there. Whatever you say, I really don't find it fun trying to guess formula to get good winner instinct." leads people to believe you aren't really enjoying the aspects of the game that are meant to be fun and that winning is your most important priority. And if winning is the most important part of the game, that's fine too. But most others don't feel that way. Many people enjoy the trial and error aspect of the game. No, because I enjoy the trial and error aspect of the game. I think that's what makes good managers. If I wanted to know which roles produced more shots, I would either look at the existing data/stats or set certain lineups to test it out. Look at player stats and see which players are taking more shots. See which role combinations are getting more shots in comparison to their ice time. See if certain line focuses are getting more shots. See which position C vs. F are getting more shots. Even go beyond my own team to see how the teams that are getting the highest number of shots are set up and which players are getting those shots. It's all stuff I've enjoyed figuring out over the past 10 slow seasons. \/
  5. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    As I say this, my team continues to lose to teams at the bottom of the standings and the game winner is scored by an 81 with 67 Shooting rating. LOL I'm going to try to tank on purpose and see what happens.
  6. The guy is actually playing pretty well. 3 games in, 1 G, 1 A, even rating, 5 shots, 2 hits, 75 performance. I'm going to give him 2-3 more games. He scored a nice goal today to put the Stealheads up 3-1. Unfortunately, I also started my 19 year old, 79 overall goalie and ended up losing 4-3.
  7. Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I don't have a strong opinion on it, but here's why I wouldn't necessarily agree with this. 1) High Corsi doesn't necessarily mean that team is dominating games. It could be as simple as, the team goes down early and plays Offensive when trailing. This could lead to more shot attempts, but not necessarily quality chances. Or the team could play Defensive and just not allow many shots, but not get many quality scoring chances. Either way, in this specific case, the Red Dragons are facing relegation so the high Corsi isn't helping. 2) The game has an element of randomness to it, much like the sport itself. That's a good thing. Sometimes certain outcomes just don't make sense, other than the element of randomness. Overall, the game is directionally accurate and the "better" teams tend to place higher in the standings/have better stats. 3) If we had the tools to determine exactly why stuff like this happened, then every manager would use the same tactics, build the same roster, play the same focus. That would get pretty boring. I like the fact that every manager is given a clean slate and able to customize their team to their liking without there being a "right" or "wrong" way to do it. 4) Personally, I think statistical outliers add fun to the game. It's fun when an inferior team is high in the standings - or a completely stacked team isn't as good as everyone thought. Although I would admit that this isn't necessarily fair... but sometimes sports aren't fair (or life for that matter). 5) If you take a close look at this specific team, they have a very unique set up. An Offensive Defenseman playing 1st line wing. A Two Way D playing 4th line wing. That would definitely screw with the simulation. But I think we all agree the game needs more micromanagement, so I see that as a good thing. Figure out unique ways to set your lineup. If you compare their defense to mine, they are actually better. Red Dragons - 90 89 88 88 88 85 (528) Stealheads - 92 88 88 87 86 81 (522)
  8. 3W - 6L in shootouts this season. 1 goal on my last 10 attempts. Awful.
  9. I've wondered this, too. I'm not sure if anyone outside of the developers know the answer to this. I've built some lines in the past around traits, but there's nothing in the help files that indicates it makes a difference in terms of linemates.
  10. Getting back to "Why do you play this game?"... This morning I got a notification that one of my affiliate players had improved. A player that I signed back on Day 7, immediately stuck in my affiliate, and forgot about. He's 27 years old and his overall rating went from 80 to 81. Big deal. His improvement caused me to take a longer look at him. I found out that he leads my affiliate in scoring 64 points in 51 games with a +27, 77 performance rating and 120 hits (love when players hit). He also Skates like the wind, has a hell of a Shot, and is Heroic. While his complete set of attributes might not warrant a spot in the big league lineup, I'm going to give him a chance. For the next 3-5 games, he has earned a spot on my 3rd line. As I check my game results over the next few days, this players performance will interest me the most. It's little things like this that keep me interested in the game. Taking a very small in game event and creating your own storyline.
  11. Nope. Just the same two that I get every game - team focus and turnovers weaken momentum (even if my giveaways + opponents takeaways = 1).
  12. I'm starting this thread so managers can post about game performances that should be acknowledged. Whether it be a high performance rating you've never seen before, a hat trick, a multi-point game, a high-save shutout, whatever. Not every manager sorts through every box score for their league every day. Consider this the NHL Network for game world Cage where the analysts discuss the top plays and performances. Anyways, I'll start. There was a specific performance today that sparked this and the player is not even on my team. --------- Season 3 - Day 51 - Enigma Rage vs. Eldred Elite. Rage center, Brendan Rowlett, notched a Gordie Howe Hat Trick... and then some. He registered 3 goals, 2 assists, a fight (which he WON), was also a +5 with a hit and a blocked shot. And he did it with only 15 min TOI. --------- I'm not sure if this will be topped any time soon, but the purpose of this thread is not a competition. Just post what you feel deserves to be recognized.
  13. Here's my analysis of my team: We are 3-1 against the Top 2 teams in the East (Dragons, Tide). We are 0-6 against all the teams below the relegation line (Cats, Pats, Pack, Claws). We are a bunch of stupid idiots.
  14. West Chicago vs. Deadwood game today brought back some memories of those two teams battling it out in Biscuit.
  15. Not really. I'm good with Season 3. I'll make a real push in season 4.