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  1. My hypothesis is that talent generally wins... that the top teams are a little bit better at maximizing talent under the cap... and that their managers are good at adapting to updates and new features. This thread got me wondering though. So, I crunched a few numbers. Stopped short of calculating the entire league, but it gives a decent representation of average ages and overall ratings in Lumber GHL (does not include affiliate players)... Barrows Avg. player age = 30.55 Avg. overall rating = 95.4 Central Point Age = 36.95 Rtg. = 88.58 Dunkirk Age = 29.87 Rtg. = 92.92 Fairbanks Age = 31.14 Rtg. = 92.90 Falconbridge (Edit: now Elko) Age = 30.1 Rtg. = 90.29 Herschel Age = 27.95 Rtg. = 94.25 Kindersley Age = 28.85 Rtg. = 86.07 Medicine Hat Age = 29.6 Rtg. = 91.91 Neepawa Age = 31.05 Rtg. = 93.53 Oshawa Age = 29.45 Rtg. = 92.45 Valley View Avg. Age = 32.45 Avg. Ovr. = 95.2
  2. Persistence is best, but it does seem to take some luck too. The computer will generally respond to two offers per sim day. So, don't be shy about sending offers.I've had the best luck using players suggested by the assistant in the trade screen as opposed to just trying to match their needs... then I'll add a pick or two to tilt the balance in their favor. There is no magic formula these days though, it just takes time and effort. Good luck!
  3. You already reported me for cheating. Admin. must have disagreed with you (sad face). I'm defending another manager against the bully tactics you tried to use against me (happy face).
  4. A salary dump is a salary dump, computer team or not. Being on the lucky end of them isn't cheating. The Hornets got better because they put in the effort: The Valley Dogs cleared $5.2 million in 1w contracts in that deal. They're currently 1 defender short on their top team, and have a 28yr. old 95ovr. D-man in their affiliate. His $3.8 million salary will just fit under the $4.2 million in space they have now. Instead of calling them cheaters, I'm going to tip my cap in the Hornets direction... way to out-compete the rest of us this pre-season!
  5. Straight swap. Fairbanks to Oshawa: Demanjovic, 85ovr... worthless in GHL. Oshawa to Fairbanks: Gariepi 96ovr... first line defender. The only thing worse than a hypocrite is a bully... that's just me thinking out loud though.
  6. I sense sarcasm... but I deserve it. It's clear that I was venting frustrations with another manager instead of trying to help you answer questions about promotion. It must have ruined some of the fun here in the forum. My apologies to you.
  7. Oh. I did insult you once. It was after all of the whining about me trading Becker to another SHL team. You said something about how simulation hockey boosted my ego, and told me to have fun. I responded by saying, "Okay whiney face... you have fun too."
  8. My last message is in your inbox, not mine. It was a repeat though, and said, "Leave me alone!" Also, You have a lot to learn about apologies. Adding the self preservation part kind of ruined the sincerity of the whole thing. I'll grow up when you learn how to site sources... when you stop asking other teams to cheat for you... and when you stop insulting other users (it ruins the fun). Deal?
  9. Good stuff ET2018. Did you learn all of that through trial and error, or did someone help you with advice? You forgot about the part where you ask one of the GHL managers to loan you players though: "Season 41, day 1, Eric T wrote: By the way, if you are interested, we could potentially discuss doing a "gentleman's agreement" for one of your early 20s defenders. Basically, you would "loan" one out to me for this season. And at the end of the season, I would trade him back to you. Probably a dumb idea, and is more or less based on the idea of me promoting, but something I thought of." --- And the part where you ask them to hold a 95ovr. goalie in their affiliate, so you can trade for him next season: "Season 41, day 25, Eric T wrote: If you want, you could keep him until the end of the season and I'll send a 2nd rounder your way once I promote (knock on wood)." "Day 29 My job gets a lot harder if you gift two elite goalies to two potential competitors within 24 hours...." --- And the part where you whine about not getting your way: "As for the I said, I asked you nicely twice if you could wait, and then you do a trade with another team anyways. Wouldn't you feel jiffed?" --- And the part where you harass people with trade offers, then toss around insults when they ask you to leave them alone: "RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE Sorry, I was being a dick. I don't have anything personal against you of course. Let's just call a truce from here on out. I'll leave you alone if you want, but I just don't you trying to torpedo my teambuilding in the GHL. ---------------- Season 41, day 52, Lee Roy wrote: Leave me alone! ---------------- Season 41, day 52, Eric T wrote: It's unfair, don't you think? But you are like a petulant child, so I don't expect you to give a logical explanation. ---------------- Season 41, day 52, Lee Roy wrote: I don't owe you an explanation for any trade I make. But, just to remind you... we already went over how players on waivers have poor trade value. I also had the only waiver request in. So, yeah... leave me alone. ---------------- Season 41, day 52, Eric T wrote: Not to mention that fact that you just exploited the CPU again by trading a third round pick for a 95 overall. ---------------- Season 41, day 52, Lee Roy wrote: Let's recap... 1. You publicly accused me of cheating for the same type of trades you take advantage of now. 2. I extended a warm welcome, and all sorts of advice to you. 3. We make some trades that help your team. 4. You whine and complain because I make trades that don't include you. 5. You send me crappy trade offers. It would be great if you just left me alone. I promise to return the favor." --- Anyway, like I said to start... good stuff. Cheers, Lee
  10. sonstone


    I'll be looking to move a couple of my veterans. Netzel (D, 34yrs, 92ovr.), Randall (C, 36yrs, 92ovr.). They have been key players on two consecutive gold cup teams... but I'm starting to get pressed against the cap, and have less expensive options to fill their place. I also have a few affiliate players that will be listed on the trade block, so make sure to scroll through that list if you are an SHL team looking to boost your talent... I like those SHL first rounders a lot. I don't have a lot of needs, but I would like to find someone to fill my 8th forward spot. It would be great if he was a true leader. Past that, I'm probably looking for prospects/picks. I can't say yes to all of them, but you are all welcome to send offers my way. Cheers, Lee Cascade Locks Hound Dogs - GHL P.S. Before the draft, I'll be making a trade offer to Oshawa for the center they're about to lose due to his 1w clause (Pham?). I won't be upset if they like someone else's offer better than mine though.
  11. I know the defending Gold Cup champion in Dangles pretty well. He's won two in row using dump & chase! Cheers, Lee (Cascade Locks Hound Dogs-Dangles) (Barrows Red Foxes-Lumber)
  12. I've been accused of cheating before. It sucks! A lot of new managers read threads about the old days... when the computer would cough up first round picks just because you were nice enough to send an offer. So, they think it's cheating when they see one go through. They think the computer accepted the first offer... without giving you credit for the effort it takes to work out a computer trade these days. Managers don't always realize that once you get to GHL, there is no league above you to trade big contracts to. So, you have to clear salary in bits and pieces. They see a trade go through and get upset because one of their competitors got a good deal... even though you made the same offer to every team in the lower league who had enough cap space to take on the players you're shopping. I hear the "you didn't give up a first round pick, so the trade wouldn't have happened in real life," argument a lot. Do the math. Those GHL second rounders would be first round picks in the NHL. Let's try to remember that not liking something doesn't make it cheating. If you're not going to give someone the benefit of the doubt, at least send a message or two to other veteran GHL/SHL managers and ask what they think. They can probably tell you exactly what's happening... and you might make new friends along the way. Cheers, Lee
  13. I'm using dump and chase for my team in Dangles (Cascade Locks Hound Dogs). I lean more toward the player roles matching tactics than I do about player's individual skill ratings. I generally play more offensively, and I like my d-men to be offensive or two-way players. So, I try to get defenders that play those roles. (You can also change player roles from the action option on your team page). I do the same thing for my forward lines too. Playmaker, powerforward, sniper is my favorite combo on scoring lines. I usually swap the playmaker for a two-way player on two-way lines. Don't tell the rest of my league... but I don't like to play checking or energy lines. I hope some of that helps. Good luck! Cheers, Lee
  14. My feelings are hurt over this, but I don't want them to linger, so I'm going to vent... I don't come here often. I was trying to report actual cheating, and never would have known this thread about me existed if I hadn't posted a bug report. I spend my time in the game scouting other teams, checking the waiver wire and the free agent list to see if anyone new showed up. I go to team pages to see if anyone has an injury that they need a quick fill in for. I cycle through the trade screens of every team in GHL and SHL daily. I set my alarm for 1:30am so I can wake up on a work night and make offers to free agents on the first day of a new season. I know that ET2018 has a forward who played on my 2nd line when I was in BHL. He sent a trade package that didn't include a first round pick to get him too... from the Blacks. I spent a week trying to get that forward prospect. I gave up GHL starters to acquire those picks. I watched the messages come in every day saying that my trade offers had been rejected. Then, bam, it's like Christmas. I found the exact amount I had to pay for the guy I wanted without giving up any more than I needed to. It's like my persistence and effort have been confused for cheating (sad face). In summary, if my opinion matters... the computer drives a really hard bargain these days. Thanks for listening. Cheers, Lee