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  1. I am really excited to announce the latest update in the MyFootballNow game engine! We've been working hard to squash bugs and make improvements to the game, and today we are officially announcing the release of Version 0.3! All leagues will transition to the new version at the end of their current seasons. You can always see what version of the game engine a league is using by looking at the bottom of any page while you are in the league. Here are a few of the updates in this version: Pre-season games should see fewer players playing out of position; if you don't have a deep enough depth chart to rest your starters, they will play the whole game. Note that you can have all your players active during preseason and are encouraged to do so! Pressure on the QB by the defensive line has an increased effect on the QB's ability to throw the ball. The schedule algorithm now prevents intraconference pre-season games. The fumble probability has been reduced slightly. Drafts will now generate fewer kickers and punters, and the odds of a high rated QB being generated has increased. Also, there has been a slight increase to the probability for superior players to be created. NOTE: Because the draft class is created when a league enters its postseason, the new player values will not take place until a full season has been completed in version 0.3. Several timeout bugs have been fixed. The box score for third and fourth down has been fixed. Your RB and QB will now wear down through the season if they are used at an unreasonable level. (To prevent this you simply need to maintain a sane game plan and fatigue settings) MyFootballNow.com is an online professionial football management simulator. Take control of a team and manage everything from hiring coaches and drafting players to setting up your gameplan. Compete with players from around the world for free! If you haven't started playing the #1 online football management simulation, there's no better time than now to join! http://www.myfootballnow.com/
  2. We have just created a new league at MyFootballNow and with it unveiling our first league with an Allocation Draft - complete with trading active! If you want to grab a team, come on over to My Football Now - MFN-7 and build your team from scratch! The draft begins on Monday, September 15 and runs 45 rounds in 6 days. Should be fun!
  3. Last year at this time, we launched MyFootballNow, an online professional football simulation game where you take control of and manage a pro football team. Over the past year we've had lots of players and tons of valuable feedback, and have been working tirelessly to bring your great ideas to life. We've released several updates, launched new features, and improved the game play experience significantly. Thank you for participating in the game, and thank you especially for the feedback you have provided. We wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for you! Now, one year later, we are excited to make another exciting announcement. You may now participate in as many leagues as you would like, for FREE! Once each day, your credit balance will be replenished to allow you to maintain a balance of 5 credits, meaning each day you'll be able to join another team in another league. Credits are still available for purchase if you want to remove the ads or can't wait for another day to sign up for more teams, but now you don't have to purchase credits to play in multiple leagues. We hope this new plan improves your enjoyment of MyFootballNow! http://www.myfootballnow.com/
  4. MyFootballNow.com has announced the release of version 0.1.2! As leagues get to the end of their current seasons, they will begin using the new game engine. This release features a number of improvements: Updates to ball flight, including improvements in field goal and punting Penalties and contract negotiation have been modified to produce more realistic results The passing game has received an overhaul, now the defense has a more measurable impact on the passing game There have been updates to the running game as well Defensive game plan updates include the ability to key on run or pass! For a more detailed description of what this release entails, please check out our blog entry. Hope to see you out there!
  5. Thanks, Chris! As for the game engine, each player is an autonomous user agent running completely independent AI rules based on their assignment and attributes. So, let's say that we're looking at a running play. The offensive line has their blocking assignments, including who they will block, so they pursue their defenders, while the defenders pursue the running back. The running back, meanwhile, heads toward the hole, observing how his blockers are doing. When the blockers engage, their respective attributes determine how long the block is held and which direction the push is, as well as whether the blocker holds (which improves his blocking but results in a penalty), etc. When a defender engages in a tackle, the attributes of the engaged players determine whether the tackle will be successful, how long the tackler is engaged with the runner, etc, while physics also determine the rebound of the collision. That's sort of a brief snapshot of the kinds of AI logic that drives the game engine. It has been a lot of fun to develop and watch how different rules influence the decision making of each of the players!
  6. If you haven't had a chance to visit MyFootballNow.com, we'd like to invite you to check us out! We are a free multiplayer online professional football simulation. * Sims run 6 days a week - which includes 3 games during the season, so seasons go quickly. You can very quickly develop some history for your team and work your way through your rebuilding project or build your dynasty! * Your job is to manage your roster and staff, and prepare your game plan for each game. Choose the plays your team will practice and practice against. * Our game engine simulates in 2-D, and you can watch your games in full color. * The game engine is continually improving with feedback from you, the end user. Help mold the game into the ultimate franchise football simulation! For a detailed tour, please visit http://www.myfootballnow.com/tour. At the top of the page is a link to an active league that you can explore without having to create an account. I'll also be keeping an eye on this forum if you have any questions. Thanks to Chris for allowing us to post here! Thanks!
  7. Thanks Chris, Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you over there!
  8. I'd like to submit for your review a brand new online franchise football simulator, MyFootballNow.com. This game has been under development for about 5 years and was just publicly launched last month. In MyFootballNow, you have the opportunity to manage a virtual professional football team. Once you select your team, you take control of the roster management, coach hiring, and even detailed game planning. Games are simulated in an advanced 2D game engine and viewable to play back in full color. The online experience features opponents from all around the world. New leagues are automatically generated as others fill up, so you should always have a place to grab a team. Each league has its own forum, as well as a community forum that spans all leagues. The first season is free to play. Features are still being added on a regular basis, and the game creators are very open to feedback from the players. We hope to see you there!