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  1. I love this game so I don't want to rag on it too much. But it seems a little baffling that one of the key pillars of the allure of this game is supposed to be "love for stats" as stated on the home page and yet we don't have league player stats for the playoffs! On top of that, something I have previously brought up, if you look at the team history page not a single manager can decipher where a team finished in the playoffs based on the current description of where they finished in the playoffs. While implementing a player statistics page for playoffs may be a large amount of work to include surely just changing the phrasing of "playoff 2" or "playoff 3" to "round one exit", "round two exit", "lost in GHL Cup finals" would not be that hard to adjust. That being said, still love the amazing achievement Anders has done with creating this game. I just feel like some of the smaller things are getting overlooked in favour of larger projects that are continually pushed back because of the scale of work required to complete them.
  2. If a player has already signed a contract extension and they are traded does that extension stay in effect or is it cancelled?
  3. How'd the season turn out for you guys? My goal was to make the playoffs this first season in the GHL. Finished 6th so I've got a first round matchup against Hazard Blizzard. Went 2-1-0-1 against them on the season, but he added Keller from Natashquan on the backend so it's going to be competitive. Regardless of how this season turns out it'll be good playoff experience for my young roster. Hoping that is actually a factor and not just something we've all just convinced ourselves of otherwise it's probably better to land outside the playoffs unless you have an actual chance of winning... That's a discussion for another day though, how was everyone's season?
  4. Good to have another active manager back. What's your team?
  5. Yeah there is a definite issue with the development screen. The career graphs a really messed up as well. I didn't even both scouting last seasons draft since there was no accurate data for their age 15 season. This happened in the last version as well and Anders never really got on top of it.
  6. Just over 10 games into the season and I'm pretty happy with how my team is performing in the GHL so far. I've had to do a little bit of juggling while trying to find a suitable left winger for my top line. Besides that my center depth is looking strong and my top 6 is driving the bus offensively. Biggest signs of youth with my team is coming on the backend with my D-core. Performance wise I only have two defenseman in the green. I've got a very curious case in my defenseman Cussons. He's been my lowest rated defenseman the last three seasons (currently only 82 overall) but has been consistently one of my best performing defenseman. He was absurdly almost a point a game defenseman in his 20 game GHL stint at the end of season 4 when my team was last place in the GHL, then put up 60 points in 80 games in the SHL last season. He's currently playing at a 75 performance rating in the GHL. I don't think I've ever had a player like him in that he's so average ability wise but performs so well. How's it going for everyone else?
  7. Started my rebuild in the GHL, demoting and promoting twice while amassing assets. I brainstormed a couple different ways I could rebuild or reconstruct the team when I came back to the game in season two. My impression was that if I was patient enough and executed it properly a four season rebuild was the way to go. Ended up with two first overall picks from promoting and in trading away all my GHL picks I managed to accumulate about 25 draft picks over the four drafts. I honestly have far more respect and impressed by the feat of bringing up a team from the LIHL to the GHL in five seasons than I do the rebuild I did over the last four. Any manager can amass assets, pulling it off requires hitting on your picks but if you put any good measure of time into scouting you can likely do that. It's a whole other level of managing to continually promote season after season, hats off to you Alex.
  8. So far Buzzer hasn't gained the same traction as Cage for game world communication but hopefully it'll start to turn. I'm back up in the GHL now. Coming out of my four season rebuild and hopefully ready to compete. I've got my stretch goal for this season being the playoffs but with such a young roster I don't think it's out of the question that my team under performs to my expectations. I've got the core of my team constructed now. When the new season starts I'll have nine players below the age of 22 that are over 87 overall, four of which are above 90 overall. I'll be looking to fill out the edges of my roster in free agency and then continue to build through the draft over the next few seasons to hopefully build a roster that can consistently contend for a title.
  9. In fairness if majority of the league uses puck possession then wouldn't adopting the spread tactic and assembling a roster of fast and physical players be a competitive advantage that is readily available?
  10. I'm not in your game world but I'm curious to what your average spirit level is for your players? I'm of the mind that spirit is one most misunderstood and highly underrated attributes in the game so I'd be curious to know if in general your forward group has sub 81 spirit.
  11. Might have hit the nail in the head if Rainsilent responds with his team being defensively focused.
  12. For any who aren't entirely sure of how to use the new advanced stats to your advantage, a situation like Peekaboo's is a good example. Being able to recognize if your team is playing above or below their means and taking gambles based on expected shifts in results. An example of such would be if your goaltending can't stop a puck and is in the bottom five of the league in save percentage and you find yourself in a scoring slump with an absurdly low shooting percentage. In a situation like this, if you truly believe your roster is immensely underperforming and is overdue for a big hot streak then an opportunistic approach would be the decision to roll the dice with trading your picks. At the end of a cold streak the value of your first round pick may be at its peak for the season and potentially greater than the player you will end up with at the end of the season. If you can leverage that pick for a player that can contribute to your roster over say the 78-83 overall player you'll likely draft at the end of the season given the results return to your favour, then that is the time to flip the pick to add another piece to your roster while also receiving the benefits of your players luck turning in regards to their on ice shooting percentage and team save percentage.
  13. I think your PDO is all the indication you need. If your team is in the bottom half for shots for and is getting shelled for shots against then clearly you are riding a high team shooting percentage and inflated save percentage. If both of those are trending in your favour you get your current results which is very positive. If one slips but the other remains above expectation then you'll still tread in the middle of the pack. If both of those slip and regress to the mean then you're trending towards a catastrophic collapse. I may have misread your post in that I don't know if you team was ranked third for least shots against and 3rd for most shots against. If it is the former then defensively these results may be sustainable and tactically you might have a systematic advantage over your opponents. Although if it is the latter and you are indeed getting shelled for shots, then I'd consider how far you may fall in the standings and look at your lineup on any possible players that may not be in your plans long term but can be sold at the height of their value based on a statistics bump that probably isn't sustainable.
  14. I've been wondering this for a while. If a winger has a high faceoff rating can they perform just as well as a centerman as they can on the wing or would there be a performance penalty for playing a different position?
  15. Can we please do away with this "Playoff 1" "Playoff 2" business for where a team finished their season? I have no idea if playoff 1 or 2 is a first round exit or what. And I'm almost 100% certain that playoff 2 is a first round exit which makes absolutely zero sense. Could we not switch it to "Round 1", "Round 2", "Round 3", and then "Lost in GHL Cup final" or "Golden Cup Winner" depending on result. It's such a minor detail but when looking at other teams it takes so much away by not being able to decipher some abstract description of how they did in the playoffs.