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  1. Another way to combat this is making international leagues more willing to sig ln free agents thus giving potential managers an updated look at their skill set. I tend to find some good contributors that sat out for 3 years because no regulation league team wanted to take the chance
  2. Partner642

    Trades S9

    As I've had time to asses my *almost* entirely new team and watch them play a little, at this moment I only have a few players I'm looking to move. Any of my prospects, with the exception of Roberson are available because frankly I don't have interest in any of them. You can make offers on essentially everyone as I have no personal connections with any of them being my first year in this game world
  3. Having switched over from Howitzer, I didn't have the time to manage that team anymore, I attempted to right a SHL team that was in terrible shape and ultimately got last in that league because of the lack of teamwork. I worked my way up from the lower iron and look to make this the world I can ultimately reach the GHL
  4. Actually I believe we are in the early stages of an official release. I believe it happened 5 months ago or so. The homepage just needs to be updated
  5. I think in a future update he has talked about adding an increase to teamwork for familiarity of signing back old players
  6. Just an idea but what if when you go back and look at previous years' drafts it would show a stat line of games played in the US/Canada leagues (GHL,SHL,BHL,etc.). It would show a direct comparison of players
  7. Thanks. I've usually signed people to the bottom of my roster that played for me before. Just wanted to know if it factored in. Keep up the Great Work
  8. It would most likely be GHL all-stars vs RUHL all-stars if this was the case
  9. I'm not sure if Anders had plans to implement this but I don't know how to pick the team(s)? Does anybody else agree that it'd be nice to see this later. No big rush
  10. I like the idea but I feel like they are hurting the lower teams as their roster gets filled with prospects leading to more free agents in European Leauges. Also that team becomes reliant on the prospects so that when the higher level league wants them back the team they were on tanks because they do not have to resources to stay afloat. I like the idea but with affiliate league
  11. I was debating putting it here in the first place but I was just trying to open discussion not suggest anything yet
  12. In Howitzer I've noticed players being generated for foreign teams (not sure if it's a bug) but they are always rated in the 40s. Researching this topic I've ran across what might be two bugs
  13. As I've heard the game does not generate more players as all players now enter the game through the draft. I just feel like maybe leaving it on would help make undrafted stars as the way the game is currently set up only players with terrible overalls go undrafted and will be stuck in the LIHL for a while if ever reaching it
  14. How would you guys feel about the game adding random players into overseas leagues? Such as after silly season there are 20 or so random players added (between 18-22?) representing those players that get no publicity when younger that manage to have a HOF career such as Peter Stastny, Dino Ciccarelli, and Ed Balfour or if you want a more recent example Artemi Panarin. I feel like it might add depth in people who take the time to scour those leagues for players but by no means the difference between winning and being borderline. Maybe it would be better implemented around the time affiliate teams come around
  15. What I'm trying to find out is that if you sign players that have played with someone already on your team does that get factored into the rating. I'll give an example I had a defender that has played in three stints with my team and I think I have 4 players who have been here for each stint. Does that mean he already comes in with some established teamwork or is it worthless?