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  1. And micromanagment! Glad to see both things are being adressed
  2. Hockey Dynasty is spead all around... the point is to have all games at the same time... you can do the sim, Cage for example, at certain time (like 5pm as it is now) and then play all the matches at lets say 9-10pm european time. From my rich online gaming experience, that is best time to get both America and Europe online at the same time (I would say that this game is played 65% EU, 34% US and 1% rest of the world :)) Anyways, I used to play Trophy manager, it is online soccer sim game, that had games 3 times per week, running live at 5pm. It was aweseome thing, after they implemented it, activity and immersion in the game skyrocketed. I would like nothing more here, then to watch my game play by play and comment it with other managers. Cage has solid base for that, I guarantee it would be at least 5+ people online to start with and with more and more coming as game would progress. And thats what we need here, desperately, activity!
  3. It is a single most important thing to do in this game. Live games. To make people finally log to chat during game and comment it as it progress. Becuase, as it is, its dead. And you need activity.
  4. Good luck I decided to have a strategy to give away all my picks and players in first 3 seasons to build a young core of elite players. So far its looking good. Not sure how much pick is worth anyways if you are in upper part of the table. Now I can play at least next 6-7 seasons with a contender team and gather new talent in the process. Only thing that needs to be adressed is a goalie situation. I do hope to get a season or two from Real, as he is enthusiastic and lets hope he won't retire yet Even managed to make a little bit of cap, to get possibly another good player next FA season.
  5. Others strenghtened their teams? :DD
  6. What, noone likes my stylish jersey? You peacocks
  7. Lol... they should have named one player Bugsy McBugger rather then that
  8. Looking for TwoWay center, 87-90ish overall rating. Up to 31 years of age is alright. Giving away 1st round pick (and second if needed) and Eaves or Hanssen (or both).
  9. Well said. I would just hold off from trading with Union for 5 days or so, maybe he comes back or someone else takes the team.
  10. Yeah, assistant and general performance of the players are somewhat shady
  11. Oh, and let me give you a suggestion how to fix it very easy... Remove the option for people to offer contracts to 1w released players on day 108, instead of that make it so we can offer it on day 1 next season. That way people wont be able to overbid, as game is using correct cap space on day 1.
  12. Hi Anders. Long time no see So ... the game release relegated team 1w contracts on day 108 of Season 2. People are bidding on players, but game uses Cap from season 4. So, people who realistically dont have budgets can bid on players. Game forwards to season 3. But the bids from those teams are not removed, despite cap doesnt allow them to do that. So, right now we have teams that overbid their realistic cap for over 10+ millions. And again, the bug is ruining whole game experience. I hear that is an issue that was already reported. Anyways, if any of the teams who didnt have cap space to bid get any of the players I was bidding on, I am quitting. Getting tired of those silly bugs that can be fixed easily, but making the game broken. Also, getting tired of same people exploiting, but I guess thats for another forum. Please fix this ASAP.