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    matteise got a reaction from Chris in MLB Pro - OOTP 20: Park Factors and Other Changes   
    OOTP 20 requests can be made here.
    Requests can include park factors, logos (primary or secondary), uniforms, caps, etc. 
    For non park factor changes/requests, please consult with Matt via PM prior to posting here.
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    matteise got a reaction from Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    My journey into simulation sports started with an obsession into "customization" world of early NCAA Football for PS/PS2 circa 2001/2002.  I was the type who spent the first week -- or two, inputting roster names.  The joy I would have upon completing that and then beginning dynasty mode with rosters is something I will never forget.  I simply did not care how tedious this was, I had to do it.  NCAA Football was my heart and joy for many, many, many years.
    In terms of baseball, I remember the days of High Heat and Triple Play (and unfortunately all too short of the days on NCAA Baseball), but career/season long modes were always something I loved.  That said, it was not until Season Ticket Baseball (OOTP 4) that I simply became HOOKED on simulation sports.
    I was fortunate enough to join a league early on in my STB/OOTP days that lasted for quite some time.  I was taught the ropes and brought shown how great the camaraderie and challenge an online sim league could be.  My interest in OOTP only continued to grow.  Along with the simming came an interest in customization (HTML League reports, baseball cards, podcasts, websites...etc...etc) and it kept growing.  
    After taking a break from OOTP for a year or two (this was several years ago), the itch for it came back.  After simply joining a league (MLB Pro) early in its development, I have since taken over as Co-Commissioner and am back to being an OOTP diehard.  I am always looking to see what can be done and truly enjoy sharing the fun of a league with all of my fellow GM's and the OOTP community as a whole.