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  1. Angels Trade: RF - Arnold Moser (MLB) SS - Junior Sanquintin (INTL/ROOKIE) Royals Trade: SP - Noah Syndergaard (MLB) ---------------- Losing Lyles, aging Copeland and Morrow, we were looking to acquire a guy who could fit at the back end of the rotation or to fill the role of Anthony Meo as a power specialist out of the bullpen. Not sure which way Noah fits in quite yet, but hoping the .341 BABIP of a season ago falls back closer to the .286 of 2018. Moser had a chance to fill the LF spot of Xun, but with Giglioti and Porter still there, we still have some options.
  2. OOTP 20 requests can be made here. Requests can include park factors, logos (primary or secondary), uniforms, caps, etc. For non park factor changes/requests, please consult with Matt via PM prior to posting here.