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  1. Euph

    S13 Trade Block

    Albert Wiesner - 92 OR Schroeter - 89 OR Baránek - 89 OR Mcnutt - 86 OR Orwubiko - 84 OR ALL ARE AVAILABLE FOR TRADES
  2. The three players you mentioned should now be ok. Couldn't find any Carlberg on your team. Can you give me an URL to a player affected by the 2W bug. I send him to free players market, realeased him from his contract.
  3. Another consequence of this is that I also can't offer any contract to my players. I mean, I can since I have cap for next season high enough, but the board refuse it. So basically I can overstepping the cap however I have no power to make trade or contract negotiation of any kind (free players, my own prospects, resigning players with ending contract). Well I would think about getting rid of some of salaries but there is no chance I can lower by nearly 2,5 mils... In addition it has to be one big transfer - it simply won't allow me get rid of 1mil and in few hours the rest. Well I have to get promotion.
  4. I also have some players who has still SHL contracts - their salary remains 700k+ and are not 1W after my relegation to BHL (Bratt, Kallio, Proulx) Also have players glitch with type of contract with few players. For instance Carlberg had 2W contract and played for my aff team. I got promoted, then demoted again but not he has not 2W contract so I cannot send him to farm team eventhough he has still same contract as 2 season ago.
  5. Hey guys, interesting situation happened. Because of my relegation I'm just breaking allowed cap by more than 2M. I can't assign players to affiliated team since most of them have 1w contracts. My question is what is going to happen if the situation will maintain till regular season starts?
  6. Well obviously that is not true. You are able to trade. You just have to be able to make a trade with another human manager. It is fair that key players in computer roster are untouchable! Stop crying because you cannot steal quality players from system for garbage.
  7. Euph

    Injured Reserve

    Well honestly I was also already thinking about this and I don't think it would be bad idea. However it should be made like in NHL IL. If you put a player on the list he has to be there for at least 7 days. So basically it would be only for medium/longer term injuries which I think is right. Or allow put on the list players injured for 7+ days only.
  8. @EXXEO I haven't called anyone lier. Liar is somebody who willingly and continuously tells untruth. I don't believe he was. But he said lies. No need to point out my tone ffs..
  9. @ineffableLeafs You're lying. American sports organizations like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB has NO promotion spot. In czech Extraliga (the best hockey league in our country) has NO sure promotion post! Last two teams from EXTRALIGA play with the finalists in 2nd tier league mini table - 4 teams, 16 matches = 2 of them play gets promotion/right to stay in EXTRALIGA. In football there are plenty competitions where only 1 team gets promotion to first division (of course mostly east european countries because in Germany, England, France is financial situation different in sport). Second lie - it is not hard build team in GHL? If you're serious either you are great manager, lucky manager or maybe manager on world with tiny amount of managers. It is not true. Of course you get better players than SHL but it is not easy to make competitive roster for GHL. No matter what that is the point innit? How realistic would it be when SHL team would be able to build better team then GHL team? Third lie - I did not say 1st to 9th team would have chance to get promotion. I said winner of regular season and winner of playoffs. Where is the 9th franchise don't know. Regular season winner is of course playoffs participant + 7 more teams. In here there is also answer to question why can't this be compared to the football system. BECAUSE IT IS HOCKEY MANAGER. In hockey what matters is PLAYOFFS. So when you're calling someone mid table team because he ended up 7th you might be right but when he achieves trophy from 7th place its simply deserved. Maybe you should realized it's manager made on system roughly compared to americans systems - drafts, trading not buying players for money, salary budgets or even system of contracts. So don't mix the game system with european. This is what makes this manager great and unique - you play NHL simulator not KHL simulator. Your last point about leaving managers - well I dont think so. There are plenty managers who played 8 season in BHL, IHL in biscuit (slow world!) and are still here. For keeping them in game would be great to have classic playoffs in lower tiers. How entertaining would it be when getting GHL would be only achievement possible ? GHL is the top and it's tough to stay there. Why should we let more noncompetitive teams in it and why should GHL suffer from this ? Lack of quality cannot be compensated in one season after getting promotion. P.S. I'm Arsenal fan as well mate.
  10. Don't agree! Making space for "lower leagues teams" should not be a topic. Just the opposite. I would like to see only one (1) promotion position. I would even cut promotion/demotion playoffs. GHL should be the greatest one and the teams should not change radically. Just imagine relegation battles in NHL ffs.. And please don't compare football systems in English or German football. I'm not saying to close completely chance to get to GHL but right now it is more than enough in favor for lower leagues teams. I mean 2 tickets every season + 2 other possible tickets can by aquired by 4 different teams. How this can't be enough? Yes, it's nearly impossible to beat GHL team as SHL manager in playoffs but what the hell it is suppose to be. You were 3rd or worse in SHL - what would like to do in GHL?! Seriously.. I think there could be made some changes in PO system. Why not to make playoffs in lower leagues same as in GHL? I would like to see for instance SHL playoffs - first 8 teams. Promotion is going to get winner after 60 games - regular season + winner of playoffs (in case of winning playoffs same team as regular than the finalist gets the ticket). And I am saying that as a SHL/GHL manager - by that I mean I am on balance of both tiers. I played once in GHL (4 seasons ago/biscuit) and get my ass whipped, finished last and ended up in SHL again for next three seasons. Right now I am fighting for not being relegated. So it would be easier for me to be opened to this idea. But I'm just the opposite and I'm against it.
  11. Euph

    Trader S8

    Unfortunately they are already done. I have no intention to keep this arrangement since I don't feel bounded by it whatsoever.
  12. Just wanted to be sure in matter described below. If I'm moving into another league (up or down) my budget is going to adjust. But when is it going to adjust my new league? Will it be 2 or 3 days before end of the season? Lets say there is a player with one year left from his contract. Will I be able to use additional money from promotion sooner than he will leave due to lack of budget space? I think I should make it but will be grateful for assurance or refutation. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, since there is no proper guide I was not able to find out how line tactics (scoring, checking, two way, energy/ support offense, match line, dynamic, stay at home) works. Could anybody write down some tips and hints or at least explain when is time to use this one or other one? Thank you.
  14. This might not be so interesting for you but for me.. it's killing me. Here's the thing. I believe you mixed up Czech rep with Slovakia. 90% of Slovaks has Czech names. Our names are not so different but every time I'm going through some roster, I see a player that I'm convinced he is Czech, boom he is Slovak. But this is not problem. The problem is when there is much more Slovaks players and so little bit of classic czech quality. That's the reason I think you might mixed it. I don't know if you watch hockey but Slovakia are shite. And when I've seen prospect list with so many Ukrainians and other different nationalities I had to bring it out. This project has pottential and its development is really spectacular. It's just matter of time till we got national teams here and it is already killing me. Like I said for most of you it's absurdity but just imagine, Canadians, if there was more US players than Canadians. Or you Swedes if amount of Finnish players was double than yours.