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  1. The Indians agree. This wasn’t really in our plans but an opportunity arose (we really wanted Winter but missed that bus) and I decided to jump on it. Stras showed no signs of letting up after returning from injury and were in a position to afford his contract so, while we think Macoy could be really good, this along with the addition of Pineda, gives us what we believe to be one of the better rotations in mlb pro. Insert generic thanks to trade partner here.
  2. The following deal has been agreed upon: Indians send 1B Isaaco Sico & LF Tyler Hill (A+ Lynchburg) Blue Jays send SP Michael Pineda This is a bit risky with Pineda coming off a big injury but we feel there is enough there when he is healthy that this was worth a shot. Sico is a decent but not great 1B and Hill is someone who could be good but I don't mind moving him. Hopefully Pineda fills a gap that we need to fill and this moves us to that next level. Thanks Mitchell. You're a gem, but Drake sucks
  3. Indians confirm. We like Javier as a DH, especially vs LHP, our weakness. The pitchers are decent but still question marks in my scouts eyes. Thanks Soze
  4. Indians confirm. We had no plans on bringing Egan Smith back and we figured taking a chance on a couple fliers would be worth it. Plus Otero’s nickname is god-tier. Thanks Hodges. You’re a champ
  5. Indians accept. We liked the Montero signing at the time but he didn’t provide the numbers we were really after. We will miss Lester but felt shedding the contract was worth it. Always a pleasure Hodges
  6. Indians accept. It's not the big deal we've been trying so hard to swing but Khris Davis does indeed mash lefties and can platoon with Ayala, who has been awful vs LHP. We liked Eierman quite a bit but felt this trade was worth it. Thanks Jason for the easy negotiations
  7. The following deal has been agreed upon CLE sends SP David Price, SS Derek Fletcher (AA) NYY sends CF Dee Gordon (AAA) The following deal is purely financial. We believe Price still has value but we just can't afford the contract. We lose a good IF prospect in Fletcher to unload Price and get back Gordon, who hasn't been very good this year but we feel he could still have value as an incredibly well-paid pinch runner Thanks Rhett. You are a true gentleman in this league of heathens
  8. We accept. Shuler is a guy I targeted in the draft but missed out. My scout thinks he could be quite good plus his name goes in the name hall of fame. We like Rhodes but with no real prospects minus Rosado in AAA, and with our ML PC spot filled, Rhodes was expendable. Always a pleasure Jack
  9. Indians confirm. We send some loose change for a couple guys my scout likes and hopefully they turn into something. Thanks Rockies. Always a pleasure
  10. Tribe accept. We like French but we think his arb number next season is a bit high for a backup to my backup. Didi more than likely wasn’t going to make it to the big roster for me either. We get a couple of younger catchers that my scout likes and another person to add to the name hall of fame in Flobert Ubbels Thanks Jack. Easy as always
  11. Hi Matt. Can Tago please be sent to San Diego as part of my trade with them? Thanks
  12. The following deal has been agreed upon CLE sends 1B Austin Jones (A-), CL Jon Kent (AA) and SP Peter Tago (via COL AAA affiliate Albuquerque) SD sends SP Steven Matz It's been no secret that the Tribe have been trying to upgrade the bottom of our rotation with a bit more of a long term piece (even though Joe Kelly has done well in his time there) and we feel as though Matz fills that role. Tago was going on waivers when we got him anyway and while we like Jones and Kent, we feel the immediate upgrade to the rotation is more helpful for us considering our surprising start to the season. We hope that Matz' struggles will go away with a change of scenery as his k/9 and bb/9 numbers are still very respectable. Thank you Sean for the easy negotiations!
  13. Indians confirm We are doing the MLB Pro equivalent of drinking away our sorrows after the bullshit trade earlier other things happened earlier today. In this one, we get a young guy that we really, really like in Jesse Evans, another guy we looked at in draft in M.D. Johnson and some AAAA players although Tago will be going on waivers and was taken to help Eddie with $. Moving Mann also makes way for the ML debut of Ken Gary which originally wasn't going to happen but whatever, it is now Thanks Eddie. Always a pleasure mate
  14. Indians accept It was really hard for me to trade a guy with an A+ name like Blaze Alexander but my scout really likes Jack Lamb quite a lot and how can I pass up a name like Feyzioglu?
  15. The following deal has been agreed upon CLE sends 1B Ron Foster (AAA) ATL sends 1B Thomas Field (AAA) Indians do this as we need help vs LH and while Field isn't an all-star by any means, he will be a nice backup 1B/3B that can play vs LH. Thanks Brenton. You're a gem.