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  1. The White Sox approve this deal. We've been looking for an improvement to the bullpen and we liked the opportunity to pick up two arms at once. We're not necessarily looking for a closer, as we're pretty happy with Gallo in that role, so we think Frias and Summers can both be very effective middle relievers for us. We acquired Jarrod Parker at the very start of the offseason before we decided to go all-in. We've since acquired Josh Johnson and Kyle Cody and just didn't need Parker anymore, considering his salary. Clearing him off the roster gives us a lot more flexibility to make any last minute moves this offseason or in June/July. Thanks for the very easy and communicative, healthy, & fair talks.
  2. The White Sox trade: SP Pete Smith (A-) RP Edward Cabrera (AA) RF Tanner Marks (R Great Falls) RF Luis Serrano (ML) The Toronto Blue Jays trade: LF Dwight Smith Jr. (ML) LF Alberto Madrid (ML) The White Sox approve this deal. Dwight Smith Jr is a risk/reward trade. We like his bat and love his ability to get on base, a major weakness for our team in 2019. However, his defense is weak at best. We're hoping some exposure at LF will improve his ratings/performance there as his defensive ratings aren't awful overall. We see this trade as a means of giving Will Anderson a little more time to develop and being able to plug Dwight Smith Jr 6th into our lineup and slot Herrera and Pyle even deeper. We think this gives our lineup a lot more depth and potential to succeed in 2020. Swapping Madrid for Serrano seems like a pretty lateral move. Both are on very team friendly contracts, are good backup outfielders, and are good bench bats with a 26th man slot on the roster this year. Thanks, Mitch.
  3. The Chicago White Sox trade: 2B Juan Cintron (ML) The Atlanta Braves trade: $250k cash Brenton mentioned interest in Cintron during the player auction but we had a minimum bid of $350k on him and that was a tad rich, so we agreed on $250k after the fact. Thanks for the quick & easy discussion, Brenton.
  4. The White Sox approve this deal. I like Gabriel's bat potential but we just don't need him this year and already have a logjam in the OF and at 1B, so it seemed worth moving him to get back a prospect after all the prospects we've traded this offseason. This also gives us an opening on the 40 man roster in case someone shows up on waivers or in the forthcoming player auction we feel can help our 2020 club. Thanks to Ryan for the very quick & easy deal.
  5. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Joe Gray (ML) The Cincinnati Reds Trade: SS Billy Hamilton (ML) The White Sox approve this deal. We've been poking around looking for a 2B. Hamilton is not likely to be the best bat amongst the crew we've gathered to battle it out for the starting position in 2020, but we think he can be a good table setter at the bottom of our lineup. We plan to hit him 8th and let him run wild ahead of Will Anderson, Torres, and Esteban Hernandez before getting into the power section of our lineup. Although he only hit 246 last year, he hit 296 batting 8th in 148 plate appearances, so we're hoping he can repeat something closer to that kind of production. Joe Gray is an expert righty specialist whose stuff and velocity is undeniable. We hope he can help give the CIN bullpen another reliable arm. Thanks, Scott.
  6. The Chicago White Sox Trade: OF Eric Thames (DFA) + 70% salary retention SP Brian Matusz (DFA) C Tim Allen (R Glendale) SP Carter Parker (A Kannapolis) 3B Jordan Groshans (A Kannapolis) SP Tony Gutierrez (A+ Winston-Salem) 1B Yonn Bosquet (A+ Winston-Salem) SP Brennan Malone (R Glendale) 3B Zak White (A Kannapolis) SP Tim Cates (AA) The Atlanta Braves Trade: SP Kyle Cody (ML) The White Sox approve this deal. We realize we're giving up a massive prospect haul in this deal. We're also acquiring a pitcher we hope can fit in behind Bill Black for multiple years to come, and truly make us contenders in the AL Central this year and going forward with some of the other moves we've made (Lance Ray, Josh Johnson, Gary Sanchez, Esteban Hernandez, etc.). We also clear some salary relief to get us back down below our salary cap this season, over which we'd climbed by $10m with some of the other deals we'd made. These talks were NOT exactly fast and easy, but they were productive and always fair and friendly. Thanks, Brenton.
  7. The White Sox approve this deal. Richardson went from being a top pitching prospect when we acquired him at the deadline last season, to a guy who throws straighter than a laser beam in our latest update to OOTPXX. I thought about hanging onto him to see if he would recover some but he'd already surrendered 4 HRs in 3 appearances in the WDL, so I decided to cut my losses and move on. We get back a very good LH specialist -- something we don't necessarily have at this time -- and a minor league starting pitcher who will probably mature as a AAAA arm but maybe we'll get lucky and he'll develop a bit further than projections. Thanks to Matt for the quick & easy deal.
  8. The White Sox approve this deal. We publicly stated after the move to OOTPXX and our farm system got hit hard, especially with one of our top prospects becoming a complete wash, that we may look to switching to a win-now mentality, especially when we felt we were already close to competing with some of the young talent we had coming up to pair with some of our veterans like Miguel Leon. Once we lost another top prospect to retirement in OOTPXX when he was only about a year away and had been kept out of all trade talks for the past 2 years, I decided it was time to take the plunge. We've already made a couple moves this offseason but this is the biggest for us thus far. I'm sure it won't be popular with everyone -- Gore is a top pitching prospect, and Wilcox and Jones are both legit prospects as well -- but we've coveted Gary Sanchez for years. Although we had one of the best team batting averages in the AL last year, we were at the bottom of the pile in convering those hits into actual runs, which isn't going to win any ballgames, so we had to add some power this off-season. We feel we've done that with Lance Ray (a previous trade from CIN) and now Gary Sanchez. Esteban Hernandez will be able to set the table in much the same way Silva did for us, and including Montero's final year of control in the deal allows us to move Ray to DH (where he should be anyway) and play Esteban in RF. Thanks to Mitch for his patience in getting these talks completed.
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: P Martin Perez (ML) C Ernesto Pena (AA) 1B Leith Wentzell (A Kannapolis) SP Alex Faedo (AAA) The Cincinnati Reds Trade: RF Lance Ray (ML) SS Mark Sharp (R Billings) The White Sox approve this trade. We've been looking for a middle of the lineup bat to add to our current roster, and Ray fits that bill. He'll be a bit of a liability at RF this year for us, but once Montero's contract expires at year's end, we can move him to DH for the remainder of his contract. These talks went on for a long time with lots of different looks. Thanks to Scott for the patience and perseverance.
  10. The Chicago White Sox trade: SP Blaine Knight (AA) SP Ryan Rolison (AAA) OF Will Ward (AA) The Toronto Blue Jays trade: SP Josh Johnson (ML) The Chicago White Sox approve this trade. We've been looking for a #2 or 3 SP this offseason, and we feel Johnson can fill that role. Although his salary looks enormous, the Tigers are retaining 60% so he's really only due $12.4m by his controlling organization. We get two years of guaranteed control and two more years of vesting contracts. Thanks, Mitch.
  11. The Chicago White Sox trade: RP Corbin Martin (ML) SS Chase Griffin (R Glendale) The St. Louis Cardinals trade: SP Jarrod Parker (60 Day DL) The White Sox approve this deal. Parker missed most of 2019 with an injury but is set to be ready well before Spring Training. We needed to add a veteran starting pitcher heading into 2020 and we think Parker can be a very nice addition to the existing rotation. We liked both Martin and Griffin but were willing to part with them for a veteran SP with a high ground ball rate we could plug in right away. Thanks, Ryan, for the fair & easy talks.
  12. The White Sox approve this deal. We need a 3B for 2019 and don't really have any other options in the system right now, so this seemed like a no-brainer. Not a terribly high OBP, which is something we need, but a very solid 3B defender and sufficient offense. Happy to move McCloskey & Taylor to get the deal done. Thanks, Cole.
  13. The Chicago White Sox trade: SS Dave Harrington (ML) The San Diego Padres trade: CF Will Chambers (waivers) 100% salary retention The White Sox trade Dave Harrington straight-up for OF Will Chambers, who was put on waivers by the Padres this week. The Padres retain 100% salary in this deal. Thanks, Sean.
  14. The Cleveland Indians Trade: RP Egan Smith (ML) The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Ben Burkett (R Glendale) RP Alberto Otero (A+) The White Sox were looking for a 5th starter to help save our rookies/prospects. Egan Smith was actually originally from the White Sox many years ago. We give up Otero -- a flyer who has great stuff and pitches but lackluster control (to say the least) -- and a rookie league OF who has some potential but it's a crapshoot whether he'll develop or not. Thanks to Ayden for a reasonable and fast deal.
  15. The Los Angeles Dodgers Trade: CF Brian Cooper (R Glendale) The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Chia-Ching Lin (AAA) We move a 4th OFer with some decent production for an OF prospect. Basically just trading a veteran for a prospect with similar skill sets. We clear a 40 man slot in the process to continue calling up prospects. Thanks for the easy deal, Sam.