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  1. The Chicago White Sox trade: RP Corbin Martin (ML) SS Chase Griffin (R Glendale) The St. Louis Cardinals trade: SP Jarrod Parker (60 Day DL) The White Sox approve this deal. Parker missed most of 2019 with an injury but is set to be ready well before Spring Training. We needed to add a veteran starting pitcher heading into 2020 and we think Parker can be a very nice addition to the existing rotation. We liked both Martin and Griffin but were willing to part with them for a veteran SP with a high ground ball rate we could plug in right away. Thanks, Ryan, for the fair & easy talks.
  2. The White Sox approve this deal. We need a 3B for 2019 and don't really have any other options in the system right now, so this seemed like a no-brainer. Not a terribly high OBP, which is something we need, but a very solid 3B defender and sufficient offense. Happy to move McCloskey & Taylor to get the deal done. Thanks, Cole.
  3. The Chicago White Sox trade: SS Dave Harrington (ML) The San Diego Padres trade: CF Will Chambers (waivers) 100% salary retention The White Sox trade Dave Harrington straight-up for OF Will Chambers, who was put on waivers by the Padres this week. The Padres retain 100% salary in this deal. Thanks, Sean.
  4. The Cleveland Indians Trade: RP Egan Smith (ML) The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Ben Burkett (R Glendale) RP Alberto Otero (A+) The White Sox were looking for a 5th starter to help save our rookies/prospects. Egan Smith was actually originally from the White Sox many years ago. We give up Otero -- a flyer who has great stuff and pitches but lackluster control (to say the least) -- and a rookie league OF who has some potential but it's a crapshoot whether he'll develop or not. Thanks to Ayden for a reasonable and fast deal.
  5. The Los Angeles Dodgers Trade: CF Brian Cooper (R Glendale) The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Chia-Ching Lin (AAA) We move a 4th OFer with some decent production for an OF prospect. Basically just trading a veteran for a prospect with similar skill sets. We clear a 40 man slot in the process to continue calling up prospects. Thanks for the easy deal, Sam.
  6. White Sox approve this deal. Not much to say -- We just recently signed Ortiz to a minor league contract. 28 year old at AA who wasn't going to make it to the Majors, was willing to trade him for a low-level flyer. Thanks, Eddie.
  7. The White Sox approve this deal. Rock is not a stalwart defensively at 1B, to say the least, but his bat doesn't lie. We'll throw him into the mix of bats competing for the 1B/DH role heading into 2020 and see where he shakes out. As a team still in rebuilding mode, we don't need a LH specialist, so Ronnenbergh could go, and we have tried to build a stable of top-flight relief arms throughout our minors, so we were able to part with Goodwin to get this deal done. Thanks, John, for what are always very easy discussions.
  8. The Cleveland Indians Trade: DH Jesus Montero (ML) OF Oscar Lester (A+) RP Bill Hodges (A) The Chicago White Sox Trade: Nothing We take on 100% of Montero's remaining contract and pick up a couple prospects in return. We love Lester's upside as a speedy, defensive LF, and we took on Bill Hodges because, well, obvious reasons. Montero may not even exercise his option for 2020, but if he does, we'll hope his bat can provide some power in the middle of our lineup, a major weakness for us. We had pursued him in FA this offseason, but Ayden outbid us. Thanks for the easy talks, as always, Ayden.
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Gio Gonzalez (ML) C Max Baker (A Kannapolis) The Miami Marlins Trade: 1B Bill Pyke (ML) With Pyke blocked by Miggy, and our team just trading Jorge Alvarado, we were in need of a ML first basemen and Pyke seemed like an interesting fit. Catchers are hard to come by in MLB Pro but we have a decent stable of them in the minors, so we were willing to include Baker in this deal to get Pyke. Thanks, Ryan, for the fluid talks.
  10. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Javy Guerra (ML) (DFA'ed) $3m cash The Atlanta Braves Trade: Nothing This is to finalize the Porter Curran trade. Javy was initially involved in the trade, then Brenton asked to hold off on including him until he was sure he could afford him based on other deals that were in the works. We're now officially finalizing this trade. Thanks again, Brenton.
  11. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 1B Jorge Alvarado (ML) 2B Oniji Nakamura (AA) The Tampa Bay Rays Trade: CF Will Ward (AAA) 2B Preston Carver (AAA) SP Ben Richardson (A -- DL) 3B Jordan Groshans (R Princeton) RP Jacob Wallace (R Port Charlotte) The White Sox have long resisted any offers for Alvarado, but it's a new dawn in Chicago. We're re-evaluating absolutely every single player in our organization and looking for upgrades anywhere we can find them, even if it's for players we'd rather not move. We decided it was a time to see what we could get for Alvarado, and Tampa Bay came in with a solid offer right off the bat. Richardson -- for us -- is the chief piece in the deal, with Ward and Carver both looking like solid future ML players (and soon), Wallace a future big league reliever for sure, and Groshans as bit of a wild card. Thank you to John for the very professional and effective talks. A pleasure to deal with.
  12. The White Sox approve this deal. Martin Perez gives us another swing guy who can potentially start at the back end of a rotation in case of trading away Gio Gonzalez over these next few days and/or feeling we need to give one of our rookie starting pitchers a little more time at AAA to finish out the 2019 season. Eric Wilson will need to be converted to a reliever, but he's also a two-way player, and we're going to experiment with a couple of those as we switch to OOTP20 this offseason. I like his upside. Thanks, Sam, and best of luck the rest of the way this season.
  13. The Chicago White Sox trade: 2B Jose Ramirez (AAA) The Philadelphia Phillies trade: RP Joey Gerber (R Clearwater) The White Sox have accumulated a number of middle infielders trying to find the right second basemen at the ML level. Jose Ramirez has hit well for us and we like his offensive upside, but his defense isn't quite what we want from a middle infielder, so we saw an opportunity to acquire a future ML bullpen piece in Gerber, in our estimate. Thanks to Jack for just about the quickest and easiest deal we've ever made.
  14. The Chicago White Sox Trade: LF Jacob Julius (ML) 100% salary retention The Seattle Mariners Trade: 1B Zak White (A Clinton) We keep hearing folks talking about two-way players heading into next season with OOTP20, and Zak White gives us a prospect to play with on that front. Projects as both a pitcher and a corner infielder. Worth the risk on a player we had no intention of tendering this offseason in Jacob Julius. We're willing to send Kaiser 100% 2019 salary retention to get a deal done, and in the meantime Kaiser gets a team captain personality with some offensive potential. Thanks, Kaiser, for the late-July deal.