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  1. Seattle sends... 1B Prince Fielder Minnesota sends... LF Jerrion Ealy (R Fort Myers) With the acquisition of Juan Francisco to play DH in Seattle, Prince Fielder became expendable. In exchange, we bring back young prospect Jerrion Ealy, whom we like for his high contact bat, speed, and above average defense across all outfield positions. We wish Prince the best of luck in Minnesota, and thanks to Rocky for the quick and easy swap.
  2. Seattle sends... SP Kevin Comer SS Augusto Candelalia RP Albert Ramirez 2B Mason Mack (AA Jackson) CF James Hardy Jr (A Clinton) St. Lous sends... 3B Evan Longoria With the departure of Pablo Sandoval from Seattle, who declined his 2020 player option and opted for free agency, the Mariners had a huge hole at 3B. In comes elite defender Evan Longoria. In exchange for the best 3B in MLB Pro history, we give up a couple of major league pieces of positional depth (Comer, Candelalia, Ramirez), as well as a couple of prospects (Mack, Hardy Jr.). Thanks to Brookman for the talks, and we wish the Cards luck in their pursuit of reclaiming their NL Central dominance in 2020!
  3. Mariners send... RP Matt Moore C Daulton Varsho (A+ Bakersfield) Phillies send... 3B Juan Francisco (retaining 45% of contract) SP Jose Padilla (A Lakewood) Mariners main priority this off-season is to add some pop, and this deal does just that. We believe Juan Francisco is vastly overpaid and on the decline, BUT if he can at least match his 2019 production (.250/.350/.400 with 20 HRs) we'll be happy based on the 35% owed by the Mariners on his contract (with the Yankees also picking up 20%). Juan Padilla is a far off pitching prospect with 4 pitches that we think can turn into a back end rotation piece in 3-4 years, so fingers crossed. It's not secret that Matt Moore had fallen out of favor with the Mariners management, and we ship along one of our catching prospects in Daulton Varsho along with Moore to finalize this deal. Thanks Jack for the easy deal, and good luck in 2020 in the AL bEast (which might not be as beastly as it once was).
  4. Seattle sends: - DH Javier Martinez Cleveland sends: - SP Ron Sullivan (A- LCO) - SP Marcus McMaryion (A - LCO) - SP Vincent Lambert (S A - MAH) After bringing in Cameron Gallagher from the Orioles, which will shift Jason Castro into a part-time DH role, Javier Martinez was going to lose ABs and he deserves a shot in the bigs. In exchange, we get 3 pitching prospects to (kinda) replenish the farm a bit. Thanks to Ayden and we wish the best of luck to Javier Martinez!
  5. Seattle sends: - C Jackson Williams - OF Hideyaki Hayashi (AA) - DH Dan "The Big Cat" Katz (A - Clinton) - OF Hunter Bishop (A-) - OF Grant Gunnell (R ball) Baltimore sends: - C Cameron Gallagher - SP Matt Moore - $9,400,000 cash money The purge of prospects from the Mariners organization continues with this acquisition of Cameron Gallagher and Matt Moore, plus some extra cash. Cam Gallagher will platoon with Jason Castro against lefties, and Matt Moore will fill the swing rotation arm for us the rest of the way. Thanks to Drew for the extensive talks, and good luck with your shiny new prospects and continued rebuild of the O's.
  6. Seattle sends: SP Roger Brown (A-) 2B Nick Madrigal (A) OF Julio Alvarez (AAA) Atlanta sends: SP Mark Appel We also acquire Mark Appel in a separate deal, in hopes of extending him for the future. We love the prospects here too (like the Cabanas deal) but we're hoping Appel will come back better than ever.
  7. Seattle sends: SP Kyle Cody LF/RF Nick Williams RP Eliecer Cardenas (AAA) OF Kane Barnes (AAA) SP John Butler (AAA) SS Royce Lewis (AA) SS Jared Stevens (A) SS Fernando Leguizamo (A-) SP Eric Braun (A-) OF Jaime Vega (A-) Atlanta sends: RF Armando Cabanas SS Andres Gimenez (A) $6,000,000 The Mariners finally get their man. We've been on Cabanas trail for about a year and a half now, and we acquire him for obvious reasons. While losing the prospects hurt, you've got to pay to get a player of Cabanas quality.
  8. Mariners confirm. One of the biggest offensive holes this year has been 1B against right-handed hitters, where Julian Silva has struggled mightily. We're hopeful that Jacob Julius can help out a little bit on this front. Zak White has recently fallen out of favor in Seattle and lost his spot in the org, so he becomes expendable and worth the lotto ticket that Julius becomes. Thanks Hodges for the quick and easy deal!
  9. Seattle sends... - 1B Matthew Kirkland (DFA) New York (A) sends... - P Victor Vodnik (R-Tampa 2) The Mariners are trying to bring future DH Javier Martinez back to the big league club to split time with Prince at DH, and needed some roster room to make that happen. Kirkland was the odd man out. In return, we acquire what we believe to be an above average right-handed bullpen arm for the future. Thanks the Rhett for the quick and easy deal!
  10. Seattle sends... - $349,999 - $1 Houston sends... - SP Stephen Jones (R - Kissimmee) - SP Tommy Leppert (R - Kissimmee) - SS Cadyn Grenier (R - Kissimmee) Simple prospect for cash swap. We like the potential of the high work ethic guys and hopefully one of them works hard enough to make it to the big leagues in some capacity. If not, it's just money...
  11. Los Angeles (N) sends... - C Valentin Medina (AA) - CF Adam Hasley ® Seattle sends... - 2B Darwin Perez (DFA) Seattle has been very quietly (kidding) trying to trade Darwin Perez to make way for some youngsters to fill his role as utility infielder. In exchange for Perez, we grab Valentin Medina, who we hope to platoon at the starting catcher position with Miguel Angel Alvarez in 2020, and Adam Hasley, who is likely to be flipped in a separate deal. Thanks to Sam, and good luck with the defensive whiz Darwin Perez in your quest to win the NL West.
  12. Mariners confirm trade. We don't have a spot for Andrew Taylor in our org, and we do have a spot for $500K and a international complex lottery ticket getting his career started in R League. We think Juarez might have a future as a relief arm, so fingers crossed. Thanks Eddie!
  13. Seattle confirms. We are looking for some offensive upgrades and banking on Panda's low BABIP and pray he turns it around. We love the two prospects we are giving up, but we are loaded with arms in the minors and both are pretty far away. Good luck to Brenton with his new toys, and we hope to see him and Grunn in the MLB Pro World Series.
  14. Mariners send... - OF Phillips Castillo (AAA Tacoma) - OF Ricardo Rosa (A+ Bakersfield) Tigers send... - SP Robert Crum (A- Connecticut) - 1B Dan Katz (R Lakeland) The Mariners move a organizational position of strength (OF) for a position of need (1B) and an arm that we see some potential as a reliever. This trade reeks of boredom, and I already regret it but LFG!!! At least I can move some of my OF up a level now. Thanks to Jim for the easy talks, and good luck with your new toys.