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  1. It's regarded as the best sim/manager series ever created. The gold standard for these types of games. We all look forward to reading your take.
  2. Just to be clear, when we list download on our site, it's a link to the game e-commerce or a freeware location. Reviews with us will need you put together a mini bio for the author profile. Plus we have a scoring system at the bottom of our reviews we would need to discuss as the format. Of note, I've been in touch with the lead marketing person at Football Manager (Sports Interactive). Looks like we'll have a copy coming soon for your purpose. I'll reach out to you next by email or inbox. For now, let's keep this thread for anyone who wants to discuss the new version. Cheers
  3. Your question and answer section is now functioning as a q and a section. It'll need some votes and some mods setting the best answers etc.
  4. Hey blackbeard, I'm the guy behind the scenes keeping the content as current & relevant as possible. We normally have a network of volunteers submit content as obsessed gamers of the sim community but has been dwindling a bit. Right now we have a spot to review ice hockey (FHM6) with nobody stepping up just yet. As for FM20, I'm sure you've seen it on our site, which likely triggered your interest here. I can drop them a line and say we have someone looking to write a potential review. We're pretty indie here, so let me look up some email addresses and fire away.
  5. So the leafs fired Mike Babcock.. What's the thoughts on Keefe's system? My buddies say he'll let the kids loose
  6. Hello and welcome to the bug section. Here you can post any apparent bugs you find in the game and they shall be taken a look upon by the developer. Few things to note before posting your bug report: Always use the search function before posting a new bug to see if there is already a topic opened about it Please state your bug in the following form: Describe the bug: Also include screenshots if possible. Once you have submitted your post, wait for developer's reply. After the reply a moderator will change the title of your post with a correct prefix: [WIP] = Work in progress (The cause of the bug is known and will be fixed with a future update) [BUI] = The bug is under investigation (The cause of the bug is not known and will be taken closer look into) [SOLVED] = The bug is fixed [NA] = No action (The issue is not a bug or can not be reproduced. The topic will remain open for another week for additional comments before being moved, locked or deleted) Once the bug is solved, the thread will be left open for a week, until the moderators will close it down and it will be moved to Solved Bugs sub forum.
  7. Hey PG, which version are you on now? Do you import your games into each new version of Gary's releases?
  8. Welcome here to you both!
  9. Right here,
  10. This is the perfect location for downloading the third party mod. We have these forums where we can push it, we are at arms length and we have a downloads section.
  11. I'm going into the profiles of the most consistent posters here and re-posting your signatures. If some people are wondering why some show why some aren't... If you haven't had that update yet, please re-upload your signature source code.
  12. CT Football Manager View File Game Idea A sports simulation game where you take the role of the manager/Head Coach of a College Football team. You will be able to handle depth charts, recruiting of players, setting tactics, schedule etc. Game Status At the moment we have created a lot of the infrastructure for the game, and also done many of the screens. 130 college teams to choose from 10 different conferences with championship games for each of them Over 500 different high schools (non-playable) 30+ different bowl games 50+ rivalries We have started on some of the AI, so the CPU teams will try to hire recruits, and also implemented an update to the game simulation, so the AI will try to pick the best play for a specific down. Development Team We are two persons who love College Football and love the old Football Manager games (Soccer). We have done a lot of coding for a number of different minor projects. Submitter Chris Submitted 11/13/2019 Category Freeware Game Downloads