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  1. Don't forget about salary raise on promotion clause. if I'm not mistaken, salary of ten your players will grow 3 times and it will take some part from 37.5 million. You probably even should release your highly paid players with a salary raise on promotion clause because their salary will become higher than the salary free agents same overall.
  2. Yes, I understood you. I just want to tell that it would be nice to have the indicator which shows how much any dissatisfaction with the contract will affect the player's performance. After all this influence is different for players with different greed. Frustrated mercenary has probably a greater performance penalty than a team player wants to leave the club.
  3. Is the negative effect from unhappiness with a contract already taken into account in Confidence? If not, it could be done so that the color and label indicate the current satisfaction with the contract, and filling the box - the influence on player performance taking into account the player's greed and his actual satisfaction with contract.
  4. I am confused with contract happiness. I see players who have Happiness: - "Feels ignored", written in red, box is filled to 100% - "Wants to move to a bigger club", written in red, box is filled to 100% - "Wants to move to a bigger club", written in orange, box is filled to 50% - "Unhappy - don´t think the club appreciate his value", written in orange, box is filled to 40% - "Unhappy - don´t think the club appreciate his value", written in red, box is filled to 30% - "Frustrated - wants a new contract", written in blue, box is filled to 70% - "Happy to stay at the team", written in green, box is filled to 100% What does the color of the lettering and the filling of the box? Has a lack of confidence a negative effect on ability to play for not greedy players (Team player, Loyalist)?
  5. In ice hockey the other way around, right-handed players usually use the left-handed stick and left-handers tend to use the right-handed stick. In the NHL play about 70% with left shoot.
  6. Salary cap increase on promotion. I think it is the only way to get more money and 3m players. It would be great to have two-way contracts to get a long roster and be able to take away the injured players from under the cap. I'm not sure whether there is need the waivers procedure. But two-way contracts and injury list are the first need.
  7. Could you please explain about focuses in line settings? Unfortunately this information is not available in the game.
  8. What roles are best suited for existing focuses? Does a line better chemistry if it combines players with different roles? For example, sniper, playmaker and powerforward look better than 3 snipers in one and the same line even if it is scoring line. If the roles are so important maybe it makes sense to transfer the column "Role" from contract to info table in the roster page (nationality can be removed from info)? I would like to have the ability to group players in a roster by lines and see which role has a player actually.
  9. How a player role is used in the match engine? Or it is just a decorative feature?
  10. A game analyser would be very useful. It would also have been nice to have a tool to analyze the effectiveness of the lines and special teams.
  11. Hattrick is one of the best football managers and developed by the team from Sweden. But I don't recommend you try this game. This may distract you from the Game Plan Hockey Manager.
  12. I need more information about Confidence. What are the reasons for falling or rising Confidence? It would be very nice if the system could inform me why a player is unhappy if he has uncomfortable Confidence or below. It would be useful to know the trend of Confidence, its change over the last game.
  13. I must say you have found the golden mean which is ideal for beginners. In the game there aren't a lot of settings that to get lost and aren't so few to seem very simple. In addition, this game has one feature that greatly distinguishes it from others online managers and would be nice to use this feature to take advantage. I speak about "multi worlds". For the advanced users who already learned rules of the "basic world" and want more, it would make sense to create the world with a more set of features. There the full version of "off-wing" feature could find to itself a place.
  14. When a right-handed player is playing left wing or when a left-handed player is playing right wing, they are said to be playing the "off-wing". It is believed that the defenders are more effective when playing on "own-wing", also a left handed player on left wing and a right handed player on right wing. For forwards it isn't so trivial. On the one hand when you're playing the "off-wing" it enables you to enter the offensive zone with your stick to the middle of the ice which gives you a better angle when you take shots on goal. Also, when you're carrying the puck along the boards and a defender is trying to force you to the outside, you're able to drop your bottom hand to ward off the defender while you control your stick with your top hand and drive to the net. On the other hand if your team use a "left wing lock" or a "third man high" 1-3-1 systems there is enough reasons for right winger to play on right wing. Therefore Scotty Bowman collected rare right-handed right wings (Douglas Brown, Brendan Shanahan to the already available Martin Lapointe, Darren McCarty) for the own left wing lock system. Does the player have any rating penalty if he play on "off-wing"? And if "Yes", how deeply the match engine considers this feature?
  15. Does trainings intensity have an impact on fatigue and injuries?