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    Greatest Single Game Performances

    Truly epic. In fact, my team was so impressed they kept stopping and watching him skate right on past!
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    Paul T

    Greatest Single Game Performances

    I'm starting this thread so managers can post about game performances that should be acknowledged. Whether it be a high performance rating you've never seen before, a hat trick, a multi-point game, a high-save shutout, whatever. Not every manager sorts through every box score for their league every day. Consider this the NHL Network for game world Cage where the analysts discuss the top plays and performances. Anyways, I'll start. There was a specific performance today that sparked this and the player is not even on my team. --------- Season 3 - Day 51 - Enigma Rage vs. Eldred Elite. Rage center, Brendan Rowlett, notched a Gordie Howe Hat Trick... and then some. He registered 3 goals, 2 assists, a fight (which he WON), was also a +5 with a hit and a blocked shot. And he did it with only 15 min TOI. --------- I'm not sure if this will be topped any time soon, but the purpose of this thread is not a competition. Just post what you feel deserves to be recognized.
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    My GHL Cage team was ranked 20th talent wise in the league out of 28 teams at the start of the current season. Now that we have reached the halfway point my team is 4th in the conference and 7th overall in the standings. My team is currently on a run of 13-3-1-4, which certainly helps in that regard. My team started 7-1-1-10 but I did change my offensive tactics so that likely had a hand in the slow start. How much of an outlier is my team? Well, lets look at the rest of the teams stats to see how much of an outlier my team really is. First is the team rankings on the team page. Goals for; 4th with 3.2. Goals against; 3rd with 2.3. Powerplay; 4th with 23.3% Penalty kill; 3rd with 87.2% Well that is just ridiculous. However it doesn't end there as now there are advanced team stats. Granted I don't recall exactly how many games in the advanced stats started to count however here they are none the less. Team shooting percentage; 1st with 10.4%. Team save percentage; 6th with 92.9%. Even strength PDO; 3rd with 103.3%. Shots for; 22nd with 478. Shots against; 3rd with 434. Corsi%; 8th with 52.4%. So outside of shots for my team looks like a statistical monster yet talent wise it is one of the worst. The first question likely is is my team talent really that bad? The honest answer is yes. I only have 2 players with an overall greater than 89. My starting goalie and a winger. I then have 13 players 85-89, including my #2 goalie. The remaining 5 players on my roster are 84, 83, 83, 83, 81. The next likely question is how? Well, the right players used in the right way mean everything. One of those 83 overall players is a winger on my 2nd line. Ok, they only have 12 points in 40 games but they have a fairly good performance rating of 74. That means in the role that I am using them in they are having some success against much better players. However they are clearly still struggling which is clearly indicated by a lack of points and a corsi of 49.6%. They are a great example of a specialized role player. A player with a very specific set of skills that makes them good in a very specific way. Use them in that specific way and you can find some success with them higher in the lineup than their overall skills would indicate that they might be able to do. However do not expect them to be able to dominate because they can't. Typically they will do just enough to provide some sort of positive impact in whatever their specialization is however against better teams it is too easy for them to be shut down. That said with most of my players I emphasize defense to some degree because I realize that my team talent wise is behind in the GHL talent curve. Just looking at the stats indicates, to some degree, how much I am leaning on that team defense and my starting goalie. The next question likely is is this sustainable? Short term for the rest of the season I don't see why not but I don't expect it to stay this good. My team has been incredibly hot in the very short term in a way I don't think will be sustained. So I expect my team to cool off and regress at least somewhat. My team had to fight to get a playoff spot last season and I expect the same this season. Beyond that? Absolutely not. That same player I mentioned above on my 2nd line might be able to provide 2 more years of top 6 play. That is a might. Add on to that the fact that a good chunk of my team is mid 20s to 30 in age and this team might be able to remain competitive for 2-4 more years as it is before it just falls behind too much to stay competitive as my team largely isn't growing talent wise while the teams (meaning most every other team) with younger players are growing. It needs new players to be ready to take over within that time frame and I largely don't have that yet. Clearly my team is a major statistical outlier however it is also one that isn't sustainable. Sure I might be able to do this for another season or two but that is likely it. My team is similar to the Arizona Coyotes from 2011-12. Ok, I grant my team is a bigger statistical outlier than they were however my team is very much like the current Coyotes in that the only truly elite offensive presence I have is a Phil Kessel esque winger. Everyone else is pretty much a role specific player. My 2nd line C is pretty much Michael Grabner reincarnate and my 3rd line C is Derek Stepan with an agitator attitude to him and those are, by far, the best forwards I have outside of my top line. I don't even have an Oliver Ekman-Larsson type in my D core. Instead it is filled with Hjalmarsson types with a Goligoski type thrown in. The most important thing is realizing what you got and how to best work with it.
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    Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I don't have a strong opinion on it, but here's why I wouldn't necessarily agree with this. 1) High Corsi doesn't necessarily mean that team is dominating games. It could be as simple as, the team goes down early and plays Offensive when trailing. This could lead to more shot attempts, but not necessarily quality chances. Or the team could play Defensive and just not allow many shots, but not get many quality scoring chances. Either way, in this specific case, the Red Dragons are facing relegation so the high Corsi isn't helping. 2) The game has an element of randomness to it, much like the sport itself. That's a good thing. Sometimes certain outcomes just don't make sense, other than the element of randomness. Overall, the game is directionally accurate and the "better" teams tend to place higher in the standings/have better stats. 3) If we had the tools to determine exactly why stuff like this happened, then every manager would use the same tactics, build the same roster, play the same focus. That would get pretty boring. I like the fact that every manager is given a clean slate and able to customize their team to their liking without there being a "right" or "wrong" way to do it. 4) Personally, I think statistical outliers add fun to the game. It's fun when an inferior team is high in the standings - or a completely stacked team isn't as good as everyone thought. Although I would admit that this isn't necessarily fair... but sometimes sports aren't fair (or life for that matter). 5) If you take a close look at this specific team, they have a very unique set up. An Offensive Defenseman playing 1st line wing. A Two Way D playing 4th line wing. That would definitely screw with the simulation. But I think we all agree the game needs more micromanagement, so I see that as a good thing. Figure out unique ways to set your lineup. If you compare their defense to mine, they are actually better. Red Dragons - 90 89 88 88 88 85 (528) Stealheads - 92 88 88 87 86 81 (522)
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    Getting back to "Why do you play this game?"... This morning I got a notification that one of my affiliate players had improved. A player that I signed back on Day 7, immediately stuck in my affiliate, and forgot about. He's 27 years old and his overall rating went from 80 to 81. Big deal. His improvement caused me to take a longer look at him. I found out that he leads my affiliate in scoring 64 points in 51 games with a +27, 77 performance rating and 120 hits (love when players hit). He also Skates like the wind, has a hell of a Shot, and is Heroic. While his complete set of attributes might not warrant a spot in the big league lineup, I'm going to give him a chance. For the next 3-5 games, he has earned a spot on my 3rd line. As I check my game results over the next few days, this players performance will interest me the most. It's little things like this that keep me interested in the game. Taking a very small in game event and creating your own storyline.
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    Release of 0.5.2

    Great stuff guys, keep it up! Just donated and downloaded the update! Now we just need to get this on Kirk Herbstreit's radar ;)
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    I'm going into the profiles of the most consistent posters here and re-posting your signatures. If some people are wondering why some show why some aren't... If you haven't had that update yet, please re-upload your signature source code.
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    Indoor Football Manager

    The graphics look great! The game sounds real good as well. I would be interested in checking it out. Maybe even do a review. Keep up the good work.
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    Advanced stats help

    Yes, you have to have puck possession to get a shot. However that isn't really what corsi is telling you. Going back to Carolina as for why. Carolina, since they became "good" statistically corsi wise, has had the mentality of shoot the puck from anywhere, anytime. They weren't dominating possession of the puck so much as they were throwing a lot of bad shots at the net. The net result of that was averaging ~35 shots a game for with ~27 against. This served to heavily bloat the corsi and offensive zone face-off numbers of the team even though they were actually mid pack, at best, puck possession wise. Thus Carolina was gaming the statistical system to look good when they really weren't that good at all. This is why I think the actual puck possession % is the most important team tracking stat. It will actually tell you if you are getting dominated, if the game is close or if you happened to be playing "Carolina" that game.
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    The guy is actually playing pretty well. 3 games in, 1 G, 1 A, even rating, 5 shots, 2 hits, 75 performance. I'm going to give him 2-3 more games. He scored a nice goal today to put the Stealheads up 3-1. Unfortunately, I also started my 19 year old, 79 overall goalie and ended up losing 4-3.
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Small update for those interested: Simulation engine is almost done with a few exceptions. (Note: It was already pretty close but needed a few tweaks.) 1. I still need to implement strategies, currently the game chooses based on down and distance as well as field position. 2. I need to implement saving results and stats to the database. Once I complete those (this is a slow process for me as previously mentioned due to time constraints) I might be ready for an alpha version for consumers to try it out. Much of the game is not completed but if results can be generated and saved at least I'll be ready to let people do testing.
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    Advanced stats help

    Not necessarily true. Remember that corsi is strictly counting shots for and shots against. It actually has nothing to do with puck control directly. It is a statistical assumption that the team taking more shots has the puck more. As for how this applies here? The same as it applies to my team. My team isn't near as talented as yours or the many others that sit at the top of the standings. Yet I have good corsi numbers too. That team is another example, just like mine is, of getting the right players that they need for their system but with two flaws sinking that team. Lack of goaltending and lack of scoring. They have a talented enough team to fight for a playoff spot if they had a good goalie. I have yet to look at the games that team has played so I can't say if they are true puck possession monsters but they have a good enough group talent wise that they can be a solid puck possession team.
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    Player personalitites

    Quick question. Do personality traits affect player's ability to attain chemistry with line mates?
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    Paul T

    Player personalitites

    I've wondered this, too. I'm not sure if anyone outside of the developers know the answer to this. I've built some lines in the past around traits, but there's nothing in the help files that indicates it makes a difference in terms of linemates.
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Unfortunate, because the simulation engine is far from finished I'm not ready to push this game into the hands of consumers. But thank you for your interest! Please keep an eye out for more information. Also, once again I have not had much time with this game over the last month and a half but I did implement create-a-player and downloading a league file from a URL. I don't have official screen shots of those but I might get them on here soon.
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    Indoor Football Manager

    where can I download this
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    Wick Schozen

    Season 6 Chat

    Started my rebuild in the GHL, demoting and promoting twice while amassing assets. I brainstormed a couple different ways I could rebuild or reconstruct the team when I came back to the game in season two. My impression was that if I was patient enough and executed it properly a four season rebuild was the way to go. Ended up with two first overall picks from promoting and in trading away all my GHL picks I managed to accumulate about 25 draft picks over the four drafts. I honestly have far more respect and impressed by the feat of bringing up a team from the LIHL to the GHL in five seasons than I do the rebuild I did over the last four. Any manager can amass assets, pulling it off requires hitting on your picks but if you put any good measure of time into scouting you can likely do that. It's a whole other level of managing to continually promote season after season, hats off to you Alex.
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    Ana (Natives)

    Current road map

    I think its more the difficulity to find this. Browser games arent so popular anymore, if there was phone app for this I think it would boost the user rate dramatically.
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    Team Reputation

    One thing that I would like to be able to see is somebody work on making an algorithm for the implementation of teams reputation because something that we should get put into the game would be to have teams show accuracy with how they are represented from one school to the next. For example, there needs to be some math formula to find out how somebody can take the stats from players as well as combined overall offensive and defensive numbers to create Ohio State at like at 90 overall versus somebody like Texas State that is 67. So if somebody wants to get on top of that, it would be great.
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    Season 5 General Chat

    Really happy with my season. About 20-30 games in, I thought I would be fighting at the top all season, but I came crashing down. I still finished strong after a bad mid season, and made my first playoffs in the GHL. Was up 2-0 in the second round before losing 3 in a row. Overall very happy with my season and hope I'm in the GHL for good now
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    While the answer here is a tactical yes you still have to put the team together properly. That said it is easier to find players that fit the puck possession tactic than it is the spread tactic. To boot with puck possession you can use forwards that don't fit the tactic as a 3rd wheel to a line and they can still do well. Puck possession is one of the two most friendly offensive tactics because it also happens to be the least demanding of what is required to make it work. The other is crash the net but that is less forgiving of players that don't fit that tactic. Finally having the tactic superiority in a game will not guarantee a win. I've won games where my team was all red tactically against the other team yet my team still won rather handily. Granted the opposing teams goalie didn't play well and we have little control over that but my team controlled the game none the less. You can do everything right and still lose and you can do everything wrong and still win. The more right you do the more likely you are to win. Ultimately though it comes down to the players of your team. Are they skilled enough to be competitive in the league you are in? Do they have the skills to fit into your system? Are you optimizing your lines to maximize what your players can offer to you? If all three are a yes then you hope that your players play well enough to win more than you lose.
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    USFL 2K | FBPro98

    So we fast forward to Week 10 of the 2001 Season. Below are the current standings As you can see, the Tampa Bay Bandits are the class of the 2KFL, dominating the entire league. The juggernaut offense is led by: QB Marc Bulger (1989yds, 16 TD, 4 INT) HB Fred Taylor (949yds, 9 TD) WR Randy Moss (607yds, 5 TD) WR Plaxico Burress (650yds, 5 TD) On Defense, the Bandits are powered by: DE Leonard Little (5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles) DE Bryce Fisher (8 sacks, 1 forced fumbles) LB Na'il Diggs (47 tackles, 6 sacks) LB Eric Barton (6 sacks) CB Jerametrius Butler (3 INT) Not sure many teams will be able to take them down, though we may get a potential 2KFL Bowl preview this week as Tampa Bay takes on the Washington Federals. Below is the week 10 schedule: Will recap the Philadelphia-Boston game in the next post.
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    Paul T

    The statistical oddity that is my team

    Here's my analysis of my team: We are 3-1 against the Top 2 teams in the East (Dragons, Tide). We are 0-6 against all the teams below the relegation line (Cats, Pats, Pack, Claws). We are a bunch of stupid idiots.
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    Thanks for the info. I got a full review copy from SEGA myself and will be playing it and will be writing a review! First impression is that it looks very good.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started playing computer games, including sports sims probably 30 or more years ago on the Commodore 64. Soon after the Commodore I went in to PC which there were a lot of different offerings as far as sports games went. It's been so long ago that I can't remember the titles. However, I do remember one game called Monday Night Football. I went from there to the madden games. I also played golf sims including Tiger Woods games and others. I played baseball, hockey, Boxing and other sports. One of my all time favorites is the Pro Cycling Manager (PCM) franchise which comes out every year before the Tour De France. I played several versions starting with the 2009 offering and the series has been around for around 20 years now! Presently, I'm into the various online browser sports sims mainly because of their simplicity. A couple days ago I started the full version of Football Manager 2020 which I will be reviewing. This will be my first soccer sim and it should be fun because I haven't played any other soccer games and don't know much about the sport. Cheers...
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    For the vast majority of people the opportunity to be a general manger of a pro basketball team is just a dream. Well for all of you wanna-be GMs out there our basketball simulation puts you as close to the front office as you’ll ever get! Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 is now available for Win-PC. You have full control over your favorite franchise. Draft, sign free agents, trade and choose your strategies as you battle a competitive AI. Deal with players who all have a unique play style and personality and carefully craft your team with the precision required to meld those different players into a cohesive unit. This is the only basketball simulation that puts more emphasis on building the roster rather than stacking up players just who have high ratings. Purchase DDS:PB20 The biggest change you’ll see is that Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 looks totally different! We tore the game down completely this year and rebuilt it on a new platform called Alchemium Unlimited. This has allowed the game to take a massive leap forward and gives you the most complete and rewarding user experience that any of our games ever have. Our new platform also ushered in many new goodies which we have taken advantage of. Beautiful new charts present the data in a modern fashion. A treasure trove of new data is there to help you make more informed decisions. There is so much new data we created a whole new section called Insights where you can find things like the expanded lineup tracking and much more. The expanded lineup tracking gives you a ton of new data to evaluate each lineupPurchase DDS:PB20 One thing you have come to expect from the DDS: Pro Basketball series is our first class presentation. Whether it is things like new cut scenes for big events in the seasons, a redesigned game screen to make coaching even easier or of course the best draft experience in ANY sports game hands down we know you’re going to love the new look and feel of the game. The redesigned 2D game screen puts all your coaching options on the screen for you at once including new fatigue indicators for your players on the floor.Whether you are brand new to the series or an experienced vet of the franchise we know you’re going to be amazed at just how awesome a basketball simulation can be. Get ready to experience basketball nirvana with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020! The post Wolverine Studios Releases Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
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    How to download items?

    ok let's see if this works
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    EPISODE 4: The 401 Derby vs TFC Things heat up as TFC visits Saputo Stadium for the 401 Derby! #FM20 #IMFC #TFC
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    Read this first

    Hello and welcome to the bug section. Here you can post any apparent bugs you find in the game and they shall be taken a look upon by the developer. Few things to note before posting your bug report: Always use the search function before posting a new bug to see if there is already a topic opened about it Please state your bug in the following form: Describe the bug: Also include screenshots if possible. Once you have submitted your post, wait for developer's reply. After the reply a moderator will change the title of your post with a correct prefix: [WIP] = Work in progress (The cause of the bug is known and will be fixed with a future update) [BUI] = The bug is under investigation (The cause of the bug is not known and will be taken closer look into) [SOLVED] = The bug is fixed [NA] = No action (The issue is not a bug or can not be reproduced. The topic will remain open for another week for additional comments before being moved, locked or deleted) Once the bug is solved, the thread will be left open for a week, until the moderators will close it down and it will be moved to Solved Bugs sub forum.
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    SIM game fan

    Happy Friday. Love sports sim games. My current favs: OOTP baseball 19 DDS College Football 19 DDS College Basketball 19 Football Manager mobile 19 Loved Micro League Baseball back in the day !! Thanks
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    tom brady sucks

    At lest tell us why Tom Brady sucks. It might be prudent that admin not count this posting for ryanstan when counting the 2 posts needed to leach a game. His posting is garbage... (There it was said. When making a statement such as that evidence needs to be included.) With that said, along with what the above guys wrote. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and his induction in to the pro football hall of fame will prove just that when he retires, whenever that maybe nobody knows. Love him or hate him it can not be disputed that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest there ever was!
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    Hi there...

    Yup, I'm new and as suggested, wanted to say hi. Apparently, saying hi gives the poster half of the needed 2 postings required to download a game. I wanted to do more than that and will tell you a bit about myself. (That is if anyone cares to read something like that.) I'm a former resident of the 2nd highest taxed and cost of living state in the US which is Connecticut. NY is #1. Lived there for many years and recently moved to the state of Florida which is so much cheaper to live, plus the sun is out maybe 10 or 20 times more than in CT, and I no longer need to shovel snow in the winter. I wish I had moved here years ago instead of the 3 years ago. At any rate. I used to be a video game reviewer on a smaller all volunteer site named Hookedgamers.com. I did that for 6 years and gave it up due to lack of time. I wanted to start getting the free games for doing a review so I got back in. I recently started writing for the site again but I quickly discovered that my old desk top computer is way too old to be playing newer PC games. So that put a damper on my game playing and review writing and it relegated me back to playing online browser games, many of which are sports manager affairs. A few of them are Online Cycling Simulator Bike racing. Hardwood which is an excellent college basketball manager. I was playing a baseball manager sim called Broken Bat by the guy that created Hard Wood but lost interest in it after a while. And I recently started playing a football manager browser game named Red Zone which is pretty good and quite detailed. I was looking for games that I might be able to run on my old computer or my laptop and discovered your site. So I guess this posting can serve as my first posting and get me half way to being able to download. lol I would like to try the hockey manager game you have on the site. I would like to become involved in your site because I have done the forum thing many times in the past and always enjoyed talking games and other things. One of which I was a mod and admin on for a site called Cutlass Isle. Hence my screen name. It was a Sid Meyer Pirates! fan site. I hope to become active and will look the forum over. Thanks.
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    Copyright Rules?

    Thanks dude!
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    BHL season finale S5

    On the final day of the regular season 3 teams were all within 1 point of each other fighting for 1st place in the league. It was all going to come down to the last game for each team to decide who would finish 1st. At the start of the day the Laporte Red Raiders were holding 1st with 177 points by virtue of goals scored at 382. They had 52 regulation wins on the season at this point. Tied with them was my team, the White Mountain Winterhawks, with 177 points. My team had 312 goals and 55 regulation wins up to this point. We were both in the same conference. The third team, in the other conference, was the Red River Rockettes with 176 points. They had 343 goals scored and 55 wins so far on the season. If the Red Raiders won their last game of the season in regulation they would win 1st no matter what. In fact they just needed to tie in points to win because the first tiebreaker is goals scored. They were facing the 8th placed team in the East. To get 1st I had to get at least a point and nobody else tie my team in points. I was facing the 14th team in the West. For the Rockettes to get 1st they either needed to tie my team in points or get more points than the Red Raiders. They were facing the 8th team in the East. The Red Raiders lost in OT 5-4. This meant that my team needed to win in OT to pull ahead of them and a win in regulation would mean that I would win altogether. My team would win in OT 3-2 after losing my 1st line C a minute and a half into the game. This meant that if the Rockettes could win their game outright that they would finish 1st. Win they did as they ended the game with a 5-1 victory tying my team for points while scoring more goals on the season thereby holding the 1st tiebreaker of more goals scored. Congratulations to Jonathan D on finishing 1st on a very exciting finish to a season that came down to the very last game. A few extra notes; With that win on the last day the Rockettes held pretty much every imaginable tie breaker over me having more regulation wins and a better GF/GA differential as well. With 4 days left I was 9 points behind the Red Raiders and considered myself out as I had to win at least 3 of the last 4 just to tie whereas if the Red Raiders won even one game they would finish better than me by virtue of the first tiebreaker. The Red Raiders managed to go 0-0-1-3 in their final 4 games and 4-0-1-6 in their final 11 games of the season after beating my team 5-1 in game 68 of the season. My team went 7-1-1-2 over its final 11 after that loss. The Rockettes went 7-0-1-3 in their final 11.
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    Copyright Rules?

    I mean, I can totally get a pack together but I just would need to know where to place it.
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    Copyright Rules?

    This is the perfect location for downloading the third party mod. We have these forums where we can push it, we are at arms length and we have a downloads section.
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    Copyright Rules?

    I was able to find this from the official NCAA about licencing rules https://www.ncaa.org/championships/marketing/ncaa-licensing-program-faqs#seven But basically yea, ever since that whole "former NCAA players suing EA" then it's basically where now a days, if you want to make a game with the NCAA, your best bet is to find some generic logos for teams, bowls, etc and then just make the game open to modding where folks who buy the game can download a logo pack from a 3rd party site (such as MEGA) and then just copy/paste the logos into some folder. Now there also has been recent news too with the NCAA cuz there might be the off chance that players get paid now in college so the open idea to having licence deals would be back open again https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2860384-ea-sports-open-to-bringing-back-ncaa-football-game-after-fair-pay-to-play-law
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    Hello all. New here :)
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    SIM game fan

    Favorite Sim Games: Front Page Sports Football Pro 98 Motorsports Manager Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2020 Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2019 Being a GM/Coach, while the players perform to their stats, will always be my favorite GM style game!
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    Migration from old forums to new forums

    Added another 100px in height
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    Current road map

    I said "if" on purpose. It may or may not gather managers together. It really depends in which time zone the games happen and so forth. Personally, I missed 95% of games in Hockey Dynasty because their live games were set to align with Canada. Also, managers who don't join the chat now, most likely will not do so in the future either. It's a nice feature, but hardly the most important. It gives a time frame when chat could become busy, but it's not a guarantee.
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    Customizing names?

    The bowls and conferences are in xml files so if you edit them, then you can change the names.
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    Ideas for features

    One thing that is desperately needed is a way to auto-set depth charts. Otherwise setting your depth charts properly is a royal pain. Also, just a note, partial scholarships do not exist in FBS college football. FBS football is a head-count sport, meaning that a penny in athletically-related financial aid counts as a full ride. Otherwise, VERY promising-looking game.
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    Indoor Football Manager

    As I already stated, I have done almost nothing on my game recently.. I hurt my back at the start of September, my college term started at that time as well, I then got sick with the flu... but just yesterday I finally implemented something I have been wanting to implement for a very long time.. the league calendar... its going to operate similarly to OOTPD games in that you will simulate one real-life day at a time (with the option to simulate multiple days of course). Please note for this particular screenshot, Pembroke Pines has two teams, what you're seeing on the schedule is not an error. The teams are randomly generated currently so its possible for teams to have the same city (albeit its rare but its possible). Here's the first version of that calendar showing off the league's games for the month:
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    I agree with the premise here - especially the last section. For me, it's exactly the same... Competition (which includes manager engagement) and Team Building (which includes both roster and tactics/focus/strategy). When the new game worlds were released and shortly after, I debated moving to the Normal world (2 games/day) - after having only played in a Slow world, because that might be more my speed. The main reason I didn't is because of the competition. And I'm talking REAL competition. I wanted to avoid two things. First, worlds that were largely filled with computer controlled teams. Second, the few manager teams that were stacked due to ripping off the computer teams via trade (at least that's what we hear about in the forums). Don't get me wrong, I love that there are a few great teams every season that you can circle on your schedule, but I'd rather those team be built somewhat fairly. I also wanted a world where managers would communicate regularly. Not every single day, but it's somewhat lame and downright boring when some go an entire season without posting anything. I love seeing other managers post stuff on the forums or in chat even if I'm too busy to join in. When it comes to team building, I like the strategic aspect of trying to build the best team possible, but also agree with rainsilent that if my team was "too good" it would take some of the fun out of it. The same goes for having a team that is horrible. In the old world, I took over a team about to be relegated from BHL to IHL, just in time to win the playoff series and stay in BHL. I was in BHL for 4 seasons, then SHL for another 4, before promoting to GHL right before the reset. My favorite seasons were the first couple in both BHL and SHL when the team was good enough to compete for the playoffs, but not good enough to promote. I really enjoyed the effort it took in building those teams. Subsequently, my least favorite seasons were the last two. The season I promoted from SHL to GHL, because my team was just too dominant... then my first season in GHL, because all the good players were taken and my team was just so bad. It's one of those things that I really don't enjoy being the #1 team, yet I'd be upset if I missed the playoffs. Somewhere toward the high-middle is preferred. I've experimented with a lot of things in this game. For example, I've used almost every offensive and defensive tactic. I am currently using the tactics that I find the most exciting and not the ones I think are most productive. I try to build my team with players who will not only perform well, but players who are intriguing in both ratings and traits. I collect little tid bits from games here and there and get attached to certain players (i.e. if my team is down a goal in the 3rd and a player wins a fight and sparks a comeback I'll never forget it). The most excited I get is around draft time and free agency. I've been known to trade really good players early in seasons for draft picks. Probably not the best strategy, but I can't help it. Wendel made a comment to me one time in that I am never really playing in the current, I am always playing for the future and there's some truth to that. I really love scouting the draft - that's where most of my hours go. I also love the thrill of acquiring players in free agency by outbidding other teams. Again, probably not the BEST strategy as you can just dupe another manager into trading you a similar player with much less salary, but I just can't help it. To me there's something about getting the players myself. No knock on trades, I enjoy trading and getting a new player here and there and retooling the lineup, but draft and free agency is just more exciting to me. If I ever get bored with it all, I told myself I would attempt to relegate, promote and rebuild.
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    Feedback & Reviews

    I'm the programmer of Australian Football Coach (the Aussie Rules GM game), saw your game was free, and decided to try it out. (Will purchase the next version.) I want to start out by commending you on your work on the game - for what it is so far it's very well done. I really appreciate the customisation as well. - Minimise clicks! I want to be able to suspend a player from the message screen as opposed to having to remember what they did. I also want to be able to warn a player instead of suspend them. I also want to be able to kick someone off the team for say a DUI. I don't like having to go to the team screen, remember who the player was, find the player on the roster, and then suspend them. - Minimise clicks! There's a lot that can be improved with regards to recruiting, the basic model is good, but a "recruiting budget" and "scholarship limits" are really important. The best games I've played with a recruiting element were The College Years and that college basketball mobile game, where you had to continually invest to get players to come to your school, including calling them or visiting them. I'd like to be able to do that without any additional dialog boxes. - Along those lines, I don't know if you get emailed recruiting rankings at the end of each year, but recruiting rankings would be neat, especially if you could tie a "get a top 100 recruiting class" or "get a top 10 recruiting class" into the coaching expectations - I generally like the game screen, but things move a little bit too quickly for me, and I like a fast-moving sports sim. Again, I'd minimise clicks by removing the drop-down menu for each play. Can you make each play a button with a diagram of what the play does? - I thought the game had soft-frozen when I played my first game, as I thought "simulate game" on the game screen meant the entire game would be simulated as opposed to starting the game. - If I choose to play out the game, a "sim to quarter" button would be nice in case I want to speed things up. - Part of things moving a little bit too quickly - I scored a touchdown and had no idea what had happened, since the PAT was performed automatically (no 2pt conversions?). A touchdown cutscreen would be nice, along with a clear indication of a turnover, and a more clear indication a first down has been achieved. Also, an incomplete pass does not show up on "last plays". - Everything that just happened on the last play should be displayed to you. You just get say "54 yard returning" but you don't know who returned it. You don't know what defense the opposition played, either, you have to look up top for the down and distance and time. What would also be nice is allowing your coaches to sub in players if you decide to call the game, and end-of-quarter/end-of-game clock management options such as "call timeout after play" or "spike ball after play", "tell players to get out of bounds", "run the full play clock (after run/completed pass)" as options. - I'd like it if the game stops when you receive a message instead of having to do "next day" or "next game" and automatically takes you to the message screen. - More stats on the game screen! You get touchdowns and yards, but not attempts, completion pctage, or interceptions. I'd like to see overall team statistics and a drive log. - I know you can edit the XML files, but I'd also really appreciate an in-game editor, even just for team names. - This is less optimal, but I'd love to create a college football world where I would be able to either create my own playoff, or go back to the BCS days and only have 1 play 2. In terms of playoffs, the way I do it is by creating specific games, and then seeding specific games with specific teams (IE team #1 plays in this game), and then have those games have winners and losers ids with the id of the game that the winner participates in and the loser participates in (there's a double chance in Aussie Rules, so the loser games are important, and allow you to create some very creative playoff structures.) If the game hasn't been completely scheduled by the time it's ready to play, if one team is scheduled it gets a bye to the winning game. - Could you put the dates of the games on the bowl games screen? - You have first & 10 even if the goal line is less than 10 yards away. Also, on some offensive penalties, the down and distance do not update. - I think the scoring summary should be ordered descending in time (most recent plays first, or at least have the option to do so) and include the score at the time the score occurred. - The end of the game updates to "Quarter 5" - There's an official logo in the game I would be very wary about using. I would also be more careful with some school names - go with Palo Alto, South Bend, Los Angeles, Westwood, Waco - Wyoming shot up to first in the rankings after winning the "Week 0" game and then were out of the rankings entirely the next week. Also, a "previous ranking" would be nice to show on the rankings email screen. Probably easiest just to skip the very first week of rankings than to fix things, but the rankings are a bit too variable. You could also have "power rankings" and then a fixed ranking where it's really hard to move down if you win (reputation + preseason squad skill) - The AI had a long clock draining 4th quarter drive down three touchdowns - simple AI which runs the ball with a lead or passes the ball when behind to save the clock would be neat (even better would be tying this in with different AI coaching philosophies.) - It's really slow to load and to move between days - perhaps include a loading bar so I know it hasn't crashed. - For whatever reason I can't play the game windowed, and it doesn't appear in the task bar when I alt-tab. Lots there, but great work so far. Looking forward to the next version. I've also made a couple plays, will upload them for you if you'd like.
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    Updated October 28, 2019 ## Roster A team's roster is all the players on the team. To create a complete lineup for each game you'll need to dress 2 goalies, 6 defencemen, 4 centers and 8 forwards. But it can be wise to keep a greater roster in case of injuries. A suitable roster could be something like 3 goalies, 8 defencemen, 6 centers and 10 forwards. ### Team captains Each team have three player assigned as the team captains where one is the main captain and the other two are named assistant captains. These players will have a large impact on the team's culture and winning instinct. They will also help the rest of the players handling pressure during games and preventing the team from underestimate their opponents. ## Lineup A lineup consists of four forward lines, three defenceman pairings, two powerplay units and two penalty kill units. The forward lines and defensive pairings have settings where you can assign desired ice-time and focus area. See below. To edit your lineup choose Lineup from the Action menu on your Team page. ### Swap and replace a player To swap and insert players - click the jersey of the player. When replacing a player a window opens that allows you to browse your entire roster divided into each position. This view displays three ratings for each player but the player's name is clickable for full info just as normal. Also note that you can customise which three ratings to display by using the dropdown found at the top of this view. Click the player jersey in the roster view to insert the player. You can also click the cancel button at the bottom to return to the lineup view. ### Ice time You set ice time for each forward line and each defenceman pairing. The ice-time is set in percentage of a whole game requiring that all lines adds up to 100% and all pairings adds up to 100%. For example, a defensemen pairing given 50% ice-time will get approx 30 minutes of ice-time each game. Note that this is an approximate value. Depending on turn of events, such as penalties, in the game this may vary to some extent. Depending on the amount of ice-time given your players may be fatigued. Players with great endurance can handle more ice-time. Note that fatigued players have a higher injury risk than healthy ones. ### Line focuses By setting the line focus you can give the line a specific duty and role in the game. Each line focus has an upside but also a downside. You can combine them in any way you want, for example your first line is set to a scoring line and your fourth line is set to an energy line. It's important to assign the right type of players to a line focus. Not every role is a good fit. More below. To edit the line focus open the Line Settings menu found at the top of each line. #### Scoring A scoring line's duty is to score goals. The line will focus on creating scoring chances and trying to control the puck as much as possible. To be successful in this line focus you'll need players that is a good fit in your offensive tactic and include roles like Playmaker, Sniper or Powerforward. If successful at their line focus the line will create more scoring chances and hopefully create some offensive momentum for the whole team. On the downside the line may become vulnerable defensively. #### Two-way The two-way line will focus on both scoring and defensive duties. It will require players that will do great in both your offensive and defensive tactics. Roles like Two-way, Playmaker, Sniper, Powerforward or Grinder is a good fit. If successful your line will create momentum for your team both offensively and defensively depending on game situation. #### Checking A checking line is often matched against an opponent's first in an effort to reduce their scoring, and physically and mentally wear them down. Player's in this line requires great defensively skills in your chosen tactic but also great body checking skills and not being afraid to play dirty. Fitting roles are Grinder, Enforcer, Two-way and Powerforward. If successful in their line focus they will create defensive momentum for your team but at the same time weaken the opponents offensive momentum. The opponent's players may also get agitated by the checking line making them unfocused. On the downside this type of line will not be as productive offensively and may even weaken the whole teams offensive momentum during the game. #### Energy Usually the fourth line on a team where the energy line's duty is to play physical and give your team a boost. You'll need gritty players that can body check and skate fast. Fitting roles are Enforcer, Grinder and Powerforward. If successful at their line duties the line will create some good momentum for your team, especially if your team is in a downwards trend or in a slump. On the downside the line won't create that many scoring chances. ### Defensive pair focuses #### Support offense Defensemen pairings set to this focus will be highly involved in the team's offense both by moving the puck into the offensive zone and by participating in offensive rushes. The assigned defensemen n need to be able to handle the chosen offensive tactic well and preferable assigned to an Offensive or Two-way role. If successful the team will gain more offensive momentum but also be more vulnerable for odd man rushes. #### Stay at home A stay-at-home pairing will focus on the defense and to obstruct the opponent's offense. Defensemen on this focus assignment need to be good body checkers and have do well in the chosen defensive tactic. Preferred roles are stay-at-home or two-way defensemen. If successful this pairing focus will inspire its own team defensively and at the same time weaken their opponent's offensive momentum. #### Match line If your defensemen pairing is set to match line they will adjust their focus depending on the forward line they are currently playing with. That means that defensemen in this focus assignment need to be able to handle both your offensive and defensive tactics well. Two-way defensemen are preferred. If successful the defensemen pairing will reenforce the forward lines focus assignment. #### Dynamic The dynamic defensemen pairing will try to combine both offensive and defensive duties. This means that you'll need defensemen that have enough skills to handle both your offensive and defensive tactics. Two-way defensemen are preferred. If successful your pairing will create momentum for your team both offensively and defensively depending on game situation. ### Special teams Both powerplay and penalty kill has two units where the first unit automatically is the main choice and is given more ice-time. If those players are fatigued during the game the second unit is used. Normally the first unit is used approx two thirds of the time. Also note that you may very well use a forward on one of your defensemen positions in powerplay. ### Goalies The lineup also has two goalie positions where you can assign the starter and backup goalie. The backup goalie is used if your starter is injured or having a very bad performance and is replaced during the game.
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    Tactics [DONE]

    Updated October 28, 2019 ## Tactics Tactics are an important part of creating a successful team. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing tactics. First you need to evaluate what your roster's strengths and weaknesses are. Depending on your roster some tactics may be a better fit than others. You may also want to consider your opponents' tactics and choose a tactic that may give you the upper hand when facing them. Some tactics work better against certain tactics and vice versa. See explanations of the different tactics below. There are different tactics used depending on game situation; Equal strength and Special teams (Powerplay and Penalty kill). On equal strength you actually use two different tactics; One that your team will use offensively when trying to score goals and One that your team will use to obstruct and prevent your opponent's scoring chances. In addition to these tactics there are also a few different styles of play that impact the game performance in different ways; Fair play and Team focus settings. More below. To change tactics choose Tactics from the Action menu on your team page. ### Equal strength - Offensive tactics #### Puck Possession An offensive strategy in which a team having the puck and keeping control of it until you can gain the flow by regrouping. Patient teams will cycle in offensive zone until something opens up on the weak side of the ice. To be successful at this tactic you should look for players with great passing, puck handling and skating skills. You also want to have a few snipers that really can shoot the puck. To defend against this tactic you should try to play an aggressive style of play with high pressure and combine with defensive-smart players that also can skate well. Your defensemen should also be able to box out opponents and keep clear in front of the net. Goalies with great reflexes are invaluable when facing a puck possession team but they will also need to be well positioned, be able to control all rebounds and quickly move from post to post. #### Transition rushes A strategy where a team tries to go on the rush creating for example 2-on-1s often starting with a quick long pass from the defensive zone. Not necessary a defensive style of play, instead the strategy is to outnumber the opponent by quickly setup an offensive play and enter the attacking zone with great speed. In order to succeed in this tactic you'll need fast skaters, especially fast forwards, and players with great passing skills in order to quickly set up a play. You'll also need players with great puck handling skills to get by opponents and players that can finish a 2-on-1 with a one-timer shot or to deke the goalie in a breakaway. When defending against this tactic a more defensive and passive approach may be appropriate to prevent the opponent from advancing too fast into the neutral and offensive zone. Your players should also have great skating skills in order to keep up with the opponent in the event of an attack. Also defensive smart players can read the opponent early and intercept the pass attempt. When facing 2-on-1s or even breakaways goalies need to be very agile and be able to move quickly sideways to make the save. #### Crash the net An aggressive strategy in which a forward charges towards the opponent's net in hopes of deflecting a shot, banging a loose puck in, obstructing the goaltender's view, or simply creating mayhem that could lead to a scoring chance for his team. If you're considering this style of play you'll need tough forwards that can overpower the defensemen and that isn't afraid to jump right into heavy traffic in front of the net. In addition to this your players need to make shots and dumps (passes) from decent angles and have enough stick handling skills to be able to deflect shots and make the most of rebounds. When facing an opponent that have this style of play the best way is to try to keep the opponent away from center ice and to outnumber the opponent in your own zone. Strong physical players are preferred and goalies need to be strong in their positioning, stay calm and control every rebound. #### Dump and chase An offensive strategy in which a team shoots (or "dumps") the puck into the attacking zone and aggressively pursues it in hopes of retrieving possession and setting up a scoring chance. Most effective for teams with enough speed and size to force opposing defensemen off the puck. On the downside the dump and chase is a quite non creative play and can be easily read by opponents. To be successful at this tactic you'll need gritty players with good skating skills that ain't afraid to both receive and deliver hits near the boards behind the net. They also need decent passing and shooting skills once they retrieved possession of the puck to setup a pass to a player in front of the net. To defend against this tactic it's important to not be too passive and stationary. By back checking and putting at least some pressure on the opponent you will in combination with strong and tough defensemen have a good chance of preventing them from regain puck possession. Goalies with good puck handling skills may also help to clear dumped pucks in the defensive zone. ### Equal strength - Defensive tactics #### Conservative trap The trap consists of one forechecker in deep and four skaters lined up along the blueline forming a four man wall to prevent the opposing offense from advancing into the neutral zone. This tactic is effective against counter attacks and tactics that try to find their way into center ice. On the down side your team may become quite stationary making them vulnerable for opponents with a more non creative direct style of play. If you're considering this tactic look for defensive minded players that also can play tough. #### Aggressive forecheck The aggressive forecheck causes the opposing team to fail in their defensive assignments since the four skaters down low aggressively attacking the puck in waves. The tactic forces teams with a passing style of play to make bad decisions but at the same time leaving the team more vulnerable to teams going for counter attacks and to outnumber their opponents. Players in this tactic need to be able to work hard, skate fast body check the opponent. #### Moderate forecheck The moderate forecheck consists of one forechecker down low, two forecheckers high and two defensemen back in the neutral zone. The basic idea is to funnel the offensive team to the outside, away from center ice and cut off passing lanes. This tactic is effective against teams that are trying to find their way into center ice or more non creative plays. The team may however be vulnerable for highly skilled passing plays. The team needs a combination of players where forwards need to be good skaters and be able to work hard and tough defensive players. #### Left wing lock The left wing lock always allows an offensive player to be used as a defensive safety valve. This allows the best skaters to be aggressive, but whenever there is a possibility of a transition from offense to defense, there is a third guy high to eliminate odd-man rushes in the goalie’s direction. This tactic will keep opponents away from center ice and preventing the opponent to outnumber the team in the defensive zone. Teams with a more patient passing play may however find weaknesses in the defence. Players should be able to play tough, work hard and to take good defensive decisions. Forwards, except the Left Wing, also need to have good skating skills. #### Spread In the spread, once the opponent takes the puck behind his net, a forechecking winger moves from the right to flush him out. The other winger then moves from the opposite side and forces the enemy skater to get rid of the puck. The tactic work well against puck controlling teams but may open up space in the neutral zone making the team vulnerable for counter attacks and allowing opponents into center ice. The forwards forechecking should have great skating skills and be able to play tough and work hard. The defensemen in this system should have great defensive skills but also be able to play tough. ### Powerplay tactics During powerplay it can be wise to study in which direction your players are handed/shoots. #### Umbrella Three players near the blue-line forming a high triangle and two players low in the slot parallel to the goal line. The idea is to get the puck to the middle of the ice for hard blasts from the point. To be successful at this tactics you will really need to have good shooters, especially on the blue line. Forwards in front of the net should also be able to deflect pucks and play tough to obstruct the goalie. To defend against this tactic you'll need a strategy that cover most shooting angles and at the same time boxes out opponents in front of the net. You'll need defensive players able to read the opponent and be able to play tough in front of the net. Goalies must rely on a combination of reflexes and good positioning in order to stop pucks. #### Overload Overload aims to outnumber the other team along the half boards, thus creating a lot of three on two scenarios. The idea is to constantly cycle the puck and create a lot of movement down low, which causes defensive breakdowns. To succeed in this tactic you'll need players with good passing, skating and puck handling. To defend against this style of tactic you'll need to keep the box together with players that are smart defensively and that both can skate and play tough. Goalies need good reflexes and be able to quickly move from post to post. #### The 1-3-1 This strategy creates four triangles to pass around and take one-timer shots. This system forces the defense to focus on the middle players causing the PK to shrink. In order for this tactic to work you'll need great passing och puck handling skills among all players while moving around the puck. You also need players being able to take one-timer shots. To defend against the 1-3-1 you need to cover angles and put pressure on the opponent causing them to make mistakes. Your players should be smart defensively and being able to skate and work hard. Goalies rely on great reflexes and swiftly switching position. #### Spread The aim of the Spread is to overrun the slot with forwards and outnumber penalty killers down low. Causes opponent to abandon the blue-line, which allows your d-men to come in for one-timers. This tactic requires forwards that can play tough, work hard but at the same time set up a play. Defensemen should have a great shot. In order to defend against this tactic you'll need to keep your box together and perhaps put some pressure on the player with the puck. In addition to this your players should not be afraid to play very tough. Goalies with good positioning and that can control rebounds are invaluable when facing this tactic. ### Penalty kill tactics #### Diamond A strategy to cover shooting angles. A high forward is set up to defend against the power play quarterback, another forward and a d-man take the guys atop the circles and a low d-man covers the slot. This tactic is effective against shooting strategies in power play. Your players should be able to read the opponent plays and skate well to cover most angles. The defensemen need to be able to play tough in front of the net. The tactic can make your team vulnerable for power play strategies where the opponent are trying to outnumber your team finding their way in to the center ice. #### Simple Box The tactic basically allowing the other team to have the puck so long as they are along the perimeter. Using this strategy is more about having good stick work and not chasing after the puck carrier. This tactic will defend center ice making it hard for opponents crashing the net. Your players need to be strong defensively and box out the opponent by playing tough in front of the net. On the downside shooting strategies may punish your team and block the sight for your own goalie. #### Wedge Three collapsing players in the slot in a triangle formation while the extra manis free to run around and create havoc along the perimeter. Since this formation is always rotating, every skater needs to be aware of the responsibilities of every position they rotate into. This tactic puts pressure on the opponent forcing them to make mistakes when trying to find a pass into the slot. Players need a combination of good skating and defensive skills but also being able to work hard. On the downside it won't work as well when facing teams with a more patient approach or a strategy where shots are mostly coming from the point. ### Tactics familiarity Although there are benefits to adjust your tactic for each opponent your team will suffer when it comes to tactics familiarity. By sticking to one or a few different tactics your team will learn and eventually be experts on the chosen tactics. This may give your team advantages in certain game situations where your more experienced players are more likely to benefit. ### Fair play Instruct your team on how much they should push the boundaries of the rules to gain an advantage. The dirtier your team style of play the more likely is your players to take penalties. You can set the fair play style into five different ranks. #### Safe The players will avoid penalties at all costs. However, this may cause the opponent to gain great advantages in the physical play. #### Fair The players will hold back to avoid penalties and only play as tough as absolutely necessary. This may cause the opponent to gain some advantages in the physical play, #### Normal The players will play tough when necessary but will try to avoid any unnecessary penalties. #### Hard The players will play tough as often as possible. They will try to get the opponent out of balance. This will give them an advantage but it may cause more penalties. #### Dirty The players will play very tough and cheap shot the opponent to get them out of balance. This may cause many penalties but also give them a great advantage. ### Team focus Your team focus will set your team to an offensively, defensively or balanced style of play. This may also be varied depending on game situation. There are possibility to adjust your team focus depending on your team is ahead or below. Also note that if your team are set to, for example, an all offensive style of play for too long they may eventually start feeling uncomfortable in their defensive duties. #### Very defensive Players only focus on defence. All players will participate in the defensively play. #### Defensive Players won't take any chances when going on attack. #### Normal Players will go on attack when possible but doesn't ignore their defensive responsibilities. #### Offensive Players will go on attack as often as they can. #### Very offensive Players only focuses on going on attack. All players will participate in the attack to create a scoring chance.
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    tom brady sucks

    If i could choose to be 41, with 3 nfl mvps ,4 superbowl mvps, 5 superbowls and a hot supermodel wife who has 400 million in her own bank. but have to have people I never meet diss me. Id take it . In a second