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    • We need more posts like this, it would be great to read about other teams as well. I started power ranking as 1st or 2nd, but the signing of Rackley didn't allow me to sign depth player I really needed. So, power rankings are more for fun then for actual fact. I didn't think that my 2nd line center (Burman) would retire, despite many signs pointing it could happen (lazy, 34yo, etc) and was thinking that recently signed lucrative contract would be enough. Might be good to know mid season which players will retire, as that would be more realistic... not everyone is Byfuglien, I guess Anyways, in a desperate need to get a center I traded 1st pick for skilled 89 rated 24 years old center, but with one big flaw - he didn't fit my style. So it didn't come as surprise that my team got an average start of the season, usually won home game then lost away and so forth. In the process, I managed to trade him away to center that fits my playstyle, but with bad faceoff ability. The team was still unbalanced and I decided to move Rackley in a trade that basically solved all the problems I had - got top noche defensmen, young 2nd line center and excellent 3rd line twoway powerforwardish winger. Oh, and much needed cap space, to solve future depth problems. After that trade, my team went something like 17-1-1-5 or something, sitting at the first place. Right now my numbers are very similar to Minutemen,  GOALS PER GAME 5th 3,1 GOALS AGAINST 2nd 2,2 POWERPLAY 6th 23,0% PENALTY KILL 2nd 88,6%   Looking at the advanced stats, Corsi % is 55ish and PDO around 103,4%, somewhat pointing out that team might be overacheaving a bit? But I find these numbers sustainable anyways. I am still in the process of changing defensive strategy, so my last winning streak was made by playing unfamiliar defense tactics. I guess I won't expect less when the bar gets filled. Also, my 2nd twoway line is destroying corsi ratings, going over 60 on average. The only thing left to be sorted out is Real situation (as he is not getting any younger, as game says), but that is something that will be fixed starting next season. My core players would be 23-24-25 years old, giving me next 10 seasons to focus on draft finally. Ok, I am losing my thoughts now and rambling so might be time to stop
    • Great, now do analyze my team plz, the same way
    • My GHL Cage team was ranked 20th talent wise in the league out of 28 teams at the start of the current season. Now that we have reached the halfway point my team is 4th in the conference and 7th overall in the standings. My team is currently on a run of 13-3-1-4, which certainly helps in that regard. My team started 7-1-1-10 but I did change my offensive tactics so that likely had a hand in the slow start. How much of an outlier is my team? Well, lets look at the rest of the teams stats to see how much of an outlier my team really is.   First is the team rankings on the team page. Goals for; 4th with 3.2. Goals against; 3rd with 2.3. Powerplay; 4th with 23.3% Penalty kill; 3rd with 87.2% Well that is just ridiculous. However it doesn't end there as now there are advanced team stats. Granted I don't recall exactly how many games in the advanced stats started to count however here they are none the less. Team shooting percentage; 1st with 10.4%. Team save percentage; 6th with 92.9%. Even strength PDO; 3rd with 103.3%. Shots for; 22nd with 478. Shots against; 3rd with 434. Corsi%; 8th with 52.4%.   So outside of shots for my team looks like a statistical monster yet talent wise it is one of the worst. The first question likely is is my team talent really that bad? The honest answer is yes. I only have 2 players with an overall greater than 89. My starting goalie and a winger. I then have 13 players 85-89, including my #2 goalie. The remaining 5 players on my roster are 84, 83, 83, 83, 81. The next likely question is how? Well, the right players used in the right way mean everything. One of those 83 overall players is a winger on my 2nd line. Ok, they only have 12 points in 40 games but they have a fairly good performance rating of 74. That means in the role that I am using them in they are having some success against much better players. However they are clearly still struggling which is clearly indicated by a lack of points and a corsi of 49.6%. They are a great example of a specialized role player. A player with a very specific set of skills that makes them good in a very specific way. Use them in that specific way and you can find some success with them higher in the lineup than their overall skills would indicate that they might be able to do. However do not expect them to be able to dominate because they can't. Typically they will do just enough to provide some sort of positive impact in whatever their specialization is however against better teams it is too easy for them to be shut down. That said with most of my players I emphasize defense to some degree because I realize that my team talent wise is behind in the GHL talent curve. Just looking at the stats indicates, to some degree, how much I am leaning on that team defense and my starting goalie.   The next question likely is is this sustainable? Short term for the rest of the season I don't see why not but I don't expect it to stay this good. My team has been incredibly hot in the very short term in a way I don't think will be sustained. So I expect my team to cool off and regress at least somewhat. My team had to fight to get a playoff spot last season and I expect the same this season. Beyond that? Absolutely not. That same player I mentioned above on my 2nd line might be able to provide 2 more years of top 6 play. That is a might. Add on to that the fact that a good chunk of my team is mid 20s to 30 in age and this team might be able to remain competitive for 2-4 more years as it is before it just falls behind too much to stay competitive as my team largely isn't growing talent wise while the teams (meaning most every other team) with younger players are growing. It needs new players to be ready to take over within that time frame and I largely don't have that yet.   Clearly my team is a major statistical outlier however it is also one that isn't sustainable. Sure I might be able to do this for another season or two but that is likely it. My team is similar to the Arizona Coyotes from 2011-12. Ok, I grant my team is a bigger statistical outlier than they were however my team is very much like the current Coyotes in that the only truly elite offensive presence I have is a Phil Kessel esque winger. Everyone else is pretty much a role specific player. My 2nd line C is pretty much Michael Grabner reincarnate and my 3rd line C is Derek Stepan with an agitator attitude to him and those are, by far, the best forwards I have outside of my top line. I don't even have an Oliver Ekman-Larsson type in my D core. Instead it is filled with Hjalmarsson types with a Goligoski type thrown in. The most important thing is realizing what you got and how to best work with it.
    • A.I. sports fans – Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 for Windows PC has been released. Customers will be able to download real NBA players and NBA team logos from community members of the Wolverine Studios site. We had our own John Comey share a detailed look. Here is the official media release from Wolverine Studios. [Press release details are courtesy of the Wolverine Studios blog] For the vast majority of people the opportunity to be a general manger of a pro basketball team is just a dream. Well for all of you wanna-be GMs out there our basketball simulation puts you as close to the front office as you’ll ever get! Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 is now available for Win-PC. You have full control over your favorite franchise. Draft, sign free agents, trade and choose your strategies as you battle a competitive AI. Deal with players who all have a unique play style and personality and carefully craft your team with the precision required to meld those different players into a cohesive unit. This is the only basketball simulation that puts more emphasis on building the roster rather than stacking up players just who have high ratings. The biggest change you’ll see is that Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 looks totally different! We tore the game down completely this year and rebuilt it on a new platform called Alchemium Unlimited. This has allowed the game to take a massive leap forward and gives you the most complete and rewarding user experience that any of our games ever have. Our new platform also ushered in many new goodies which we have taken advantage of. Beautiful new charts present the data in a modern fashion. A treasure trove of new data is there to help you make more informed decisions. There is so much new data we created a whole new section called Insights where you can find things like the expanded lineup tracking and much more. The expanded lineup tracking gives you a ton of new data to evaluate each lineup One thing you have come to expect from the DDS: Pro Basketball series is our first class presentation. Whether it is things like new cut scenes for big events in the seasons, a redesigned game screen to make coaching even easier or of course the best draft experience in ANY sports game hands down we know you’re going to love the new look and feel of the game. The redesigned 2D game screen puts all your coaching options on the screen for you at once including new fatigue indicators for your players on the floor. Whether you are brand new to the series or an experienced vet of the franchise we know you’re going to be amazed at just how awesome a basketball simulation can be. Get ready to experience basketball nirvana with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020! The post Wolverine Studios drops you a dime with DDSPB20 appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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