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Download DDS: Pro Basketball 4 - NBA Team Logos Mod Version 1

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Courtesy of MizzouRah from the Wolverine Studios Forums

30 Team NBA setup ONLY, default roster (not a season disk roster), NBA teams have been changed, NOTHING has been done to the D League or Euro teams.

DO NOT install the sdteamlist.mdb file, for this mod, it is NOT needed since everything is coming from the default.dat file. All I have done is edit the default.dat file from within the setup folder of the game, the rest is the work of this great community!

BACKUP your default.dat file, located here: C:\Wolverine Studios\DDSPB4\setup

Get the updated default.dat file ;place the new default.dat file in the path above, select yes to overwrite the old one (make sure you back it up somewhere!) Thanks to legendsport, using his original mod, it made it much easier!

**Every time you start a new game, you will have correct NBA team names, arenas, owners and logos (for logos, see below..). You will need to manually load the NBA/NBADL logos at the game creation screen, click load logo and type NBA.png and NBADL.png - they do not show up in the logo folder on that particular screen, but they are there.

LOGOS: (here is a link to all of them in one nice folder you just unzip to your c:\Wolverine Studios\DDSPB4\graphics folder

To complete the NBA experience, download the excellent player PHOTOS from (buddy)

COURTS from (rocko)


The logo pack was submitted directly to us. This is now available for DDS PB4

where is the the update dat file???

Where is the update dat file? This is shoddy as heck




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