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  • Feb 12, 2017 Download DDS:College Football 17 - Endzone Paintings AAC/FBS Independent 1

Download DDS:College Football 17 - Endzone Paintings AAC/FBS Independent 1


Endzone paintings for Draft Day Sports: College Football 17.


Right now you'll have to assign each endzone manually. Haven't messed in the xml files and I don't know, if it works that way, but If there is a way to change that, I'll figure it out and do it, but for now you'll have to do it that way.

How to:
1. Extract endzone graphics somewhere, where you can find them. I'd suggest to do it here: C:\Users\...\Documents\Wolverine Studios\DDSCF 2017\Endzones
2. Open your save
3. Open AAC/FBS-Indiependent overview (second taskbar)
4. Click on the school you want to change the endzone and open Team Informations
5. Endzone Art "Select" and move to the folder where you saved the endzone graphics and select the one for the school
6. Do this for each of the schools.

If you want to create your own graphics, this is the size you'd need to go with: 77x450 (took me forever to figure that out)

You can use all the stuff for whatever you want. Don't need the credit, just have fun.
Some of the endzones may have copyrighted logos, fonts or other things. I don't own any of those and you do not either, therefor you can't use that stuff in commercial way (not that you would, just to make sure^^).
Please don't bother me to change stuff, add stuff or whatever. I did those for myself in first place and will add more as I move on with the game.


Thread: http://www.wolverinestudios.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=242&t=26407&p=191276#p191276

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