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Download DDS: College Basketball 3 - NCAA Courts Version: March 30, 2014

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Courtesty of bloomington from Wolverine Studios Forums


Bundled in 1 zipped file on Dropbox. Size of the zip file is just over 150 MBs.

To use in the game is simple. Download the file from Dropbox from the link I will provide. Unzip to your Wolverine Studios\DDSCB3\graphics\courts folder. You should see the folder called NCAA Courts. Open it and you will find all the individual school courts and the assn folder. Just copy and paste all the individual school courts into the DDCB3\graphics\courts folder and overwrite the default courts. The "assn" folder contains the tournament courts. Simply open the folder and copy all the tournament courts and paste them into the Wolverine Studios\DDSCB3\graphics\courts\assn folder and allow the default courts to be overwritten. Thats it. Fixed San Diego state and South Dakota names - they are no longer the same.

Please note that these are courts completed by me and Sky only. I believe TRussel also made courts that can be found in the CB2 mods section. Also remember these courts were made for everyone's enjoyment and do take some time to create and we have attempted to make the courts as close as possible to being replicas of the real thing, but there is no guarantee with anything that was produced, so please take whatever precaution u feel is necessary for your game in terms of backups etc. As far as I know however, there have not been any problems with courts that Sky and I have produced in the past.

All courts you will find are from the 2012-2013 season as well as this year's 2013-2014 season. There are more than 260 courts in all. Some of my courts need little tweaks and edits however the focus is on getting as many courts done as possible so no matter where u take a coaching job..you will have some, courts if not all courts in your conference available. I also continue to make courts when I can. If you have CB2 then you know based on the past, that you should check the courts thread often.

Please note*** Going forward I will be posting any future courts created in THIS thread and NOT in the CB2 thread for courts.

Please enjoy.


PS - if there are any problems please let me know.

MARCH 30, 2014

****UPDATE: IF YOU ARE USING VALDARIX REAL WORLD MOD YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE "assn" FILE LINKED BELOW AND COPY AND PASTE THE TOURNAMENT COURTS INTO THE Wolverine Studios\DDSCB3\graphics\courts\assn folder. The original package of tournament courts did not link properly to Valdarix real world mod. This group of courts do with the EXCEPTION of the Big West Court which still is buggy for some reason but everything else should work. These will not overwrite the other tournament courts since they are named differently. U can leave the other set of tournament courts in the folder. They should not impact the game one way or another - but u can also delete them. Keep in mind if u delete the other tournament courts they are linked to the default file so if for some reason u remove or lose Valdarix file, these courts will not work with the game "pre" Valdarix mod. Enjoy!










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