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#34470 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by Glawing on April 28, 2018 - 04:50 AM

Hi all of you!

Right now we are a bit quiet here on the forums and in general.

That’s because we working with a lot of things in the backgrounds. Not generally things you notice in game but performance and future plans are in the making.

We recently received some new hardware so the game will run smoother/faster and more stable.

We are reading as much reports and suggestions as possible. Because we want your opinion in developing.

Keep enjoying the game and be fair and nice to eachother!


#18461 Current road map

Posted by GamePlanHockey on January 16, 2016 - 12:43 PM

**Updated: 24th February 2018
To let you all know what's going on and what's planned for the future I'm going to share the current road map for the game in this topic. The road map is subject to change but here's what planned at the moment. Note that the road map only addresses new features, bug fixes will be made continuously.
Up next
Major database upgrade
I’m currently working on a major database version upgrade that will improve performance but it's also necessary since the current database version will become obsolete. Once this upgrade is finished I will invest in a second web server to reduce load on the current. This investment is possible thanks to all of you that are supporting the game through an All Star account! So many thanks and keep up the good work!
Coming soon
We have such big plans for this game and therefore we’re planning quite a big release by fall 2018. 
This big release will contain not only new features but also a redesign of the whole game. It may also contain a changes regarding subscriptions and user account types where we want to expand the Game Plan Hockey Manager community and make the game available for a larger audience. 
While developing this big release we want to use a focus group as advisory board. All current Patreons and Staff members will be invited to be part of this focus group.
More info regarding all of this is coming soon but here’s a few features that currently are planned for this release.
Bigger game worlds
We want to double the amount of teams making it a total of 32 teams in each league divided in two conferences (and maybe four divisions). And we’re also playing with the idea of adding a 6th league level. This new league level may be of North American style. Somehow. Maybe. But this is still on the sketch board.  This will The point is to make each game world more competitive and to grow a greater community within each game world.
Enhanced playoff
We’re not happy with the current playoff experience. Much can be done here. I'm looking to add best of seven games and when divided into two conferences there should be a much more exciting playoff experience.
League awards, All star game, Hall of fame
We would really like to add a more detailed history to the game such as all time leading scorers by league and team, hall of fame, league awards and all star game. Maybe even national team tournaments. This to further improve the realism of the game.
In the backlog
Extended player relations and interaction
There are plans on extending the player happiness to include on how well players like each other, line chemistry, role expectations and such to influence the general happiness of the player. We also want to add the possibility to interact and "talk" to the team and players.
We’ve been planning to add this feature for a long long time. But other things always gets in the way. The hiring of staff will open up a new dimension to the game where coaches can give valuable details from each game, scouts to reveal opponents tactics or find players that suits the team's needs. We’re also looking to add more staff members like doctors to improve healing of injuries, agents to negotiate contracts, mental coaches to train player traits.
Live games
We really would love to introduce live games, or at least viewable games. Personally I'm a big fan of text based game engines (like in the early manager games) where you get comments of what's happening continuously throughout the game. I don't think you'll ever see this game with 3D rendered hockey players.
And a whole lot of more…
The feature list in the backlog is long. And we really appreciate all the suggestions made by all of you. So if you have a suggestion please don’t hesitate to make a post in the suggestions forum!
Questions or comments? Feel free to add to this topic.

#34725 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by GamePlanHockey on May 18, 2018 - 07:35 AM

Sorry for the lack of info lately. Time really flies. Here's the latest update on how everything is going with the upcoming release later this fall. More info regarding this release can also be found here: http://forums.gmgame...rrent-road-map/


  • We have bought a second web server that will run the database and the simulators for the upcoming release. I'm planning on re-opening the UAT on this server to test things out. But we're currently waiting on some missing parts that was not included from the supplier.
  • I'm also doing quite many changes of the codebase at the moment. This includes a major upgrade of the database and a move of the simulators from .NET Framwork to dotnet core. This is to be able to run the simulators on a Linux environment. This part is now almost done.
  • We have also started creating a new design of the game. I've received a first draft from the designer and it's looking real good. Really excited to implement a fresh look to the game.
  • We're now putting together the first questions for the focus group. We're planning on creating a protected sub forum here in the forum. All members will receive an email with an invitation within a week or so. Sorry to have kept you waiting.
  • Besides all of the above I've also created a bug fix patch that was just released (v1.3.4). This will hopefully take care of the most urgent bugs until the major release later this fall.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask  :) 

#30427 v1.3.2

Posted by GamePlanHockey on October 17, 2017 - 03:18 PM

New All Star feature

  • All Star managers may now edit their affiliate teams as often as they like. All customisation, including usage of logotypes, of affiliate teams is now an All Star feature. However, all previous customisations by non All Star managers will be kept until the current manager resigns.
Bug fixes and improvements
  • World info and countdown is now clickable to reveal more detailed info regarding upcoming events.
  • When world is simulating (flashing SIMULATING) more info regarding estimated finish is available when clicked (Note that it can take a few days before the estimated finish is displayed properly).
  • Announcements (inbox message and countdowns) of trading deadline and when transfers are once again allowed.
  • Youth draft has been moved to a later time (on same day) in order to allow last minute trading. The time of the youth draft is also announced as a countdown clock (see first bullet of this list).
  • More detailed team finances/salary cap info on team page
  • Improved and more individualistic player regression
  • Improved player injuries with higher risks of injury if exhausted. Also small general increase of goalie injures.
  • Adjustment of fatigue penalties. Increased for exhausted players. Decreased for healthy and high endurance players.
  • Adjustment of player development rates to prevent unrealistic ratings for non top prospects.
  • Computer teams now assign and recall players to/from affiliate teams.
  • Small update on non playable team’s (including affiliate teams) color mascot, now displaying first letter on team’s name.
  • Display of player stats on non playable teams (including affiliate teams).
  • Player development will slow down if assigned to too low affiliate level.
  • Player may be unhappy if assigned to affiliate even if on two way contract.
  • Possibility to move players directly between affiliates teams.
  • Fixed bug where team standings could be become unsync
  • Fixed bug where manager name was displayed as Computer on team history
  • Fixed bug where salary cap wasn't updated correctly when trading for affiliate assigned players
  • Fixed bug where goalie stats wasn't correctly updated when assigned to affiliate
  • Fixed bug where injured players still could be auto assigned to lineup in games
  • Fixed bug where players could play games for more than one team at once
  • Fixed bug where player stats could not be sorted on BKS (Blocked shots)
  • Fixed bug where a player wasn't rewarded a league achievement if released before season end 
  • Fixed small typo
  • Fixed bug where game analysis could not be loaded
  • Fixed bug where over aged players could be offered an entry level contract
  • Fixed bug where date for offered contracts always showed “today”
  • Fixed bug where cancel pending contract could crash
  • Fixed bug where trade offers containing old draft picks was not canceled.
  • Fixed bug where players was not auto recalled when signing a one way contract
  • Fixed bug where eligible affiliate levels where not auto added or removed when team was promoted or relegated.
  • Fixed bug where email was not sent to managers when put on holiday or fired
  • Affiliates have now been auto added to those teams who was currently missing affiliate teams at any level.

#28433 Pre release v1.3.0 - Affiliate teams

Posted by GamePlanHockey on July 13, 2017 - 05:55 AM

A pre release of the affiliate teams feature has been made on the UAT today! Check below for more info. Please report back any bugs to this topic (not the bugs section). Have fun!

The pre release contains the following
  • Affiliate leagues AAHL, AAHL 2 and AAHL 3 (new)
  • Create up to two affiliate teams.
  • Affiliate team levels Professional, SemiProfessional or Amateur. (Eligible levels depend on your team level)
  • Affiliate teams will be using the same tactics as your own team.
  • Assign and recall players to your affiliates. Only players with two way contracts (not having the one way contract clause) may be assigned.
  • Salary cap impact. Assigned player’s salary will only count as a tenth against your team’s salary cap when assigned.
  • New user setting on how to display assigned players on your roster.
  • Assignments and recalls generates transaction logs
Other improvements and bug fixes
  • The previous AMHL and AMHL 2 (American Minor Hockey Leagues) has been renamed to USMHL (United States Minor Hockey League) to not be mixed up with the AAHL leagues.
  • Simulator improvements to fix the delayed simulation problems.
How to get going with affiliate teams
  1. Create and view affiliate teams by using the Action menu on your team page
  2. Assign/Recall players by using the Action menu on that player’s page

#27267 v1.2.1

Posted by GamePlanHockey on May 15, 2017 - 12:49 PM

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Simulator performance updates
  • Database performance updates (reduced load size)
  • Pre compiled game analysis to improve load speed
  • Check for secure save actions to avoid conflicting or corrupted data. More info below.
  • Adjusted player development for prospects (decreased)
  • Adjusted player demand of one way contract clause (decreased)
  • Small adjustment of player prospect rankings
  • Adjustment of player trade value
  • Adjustment of computer trading AI
  • Calibration of the game engine
  • Fixed bug where setting draft order could crash
  • Fixed bug where trade was not correct on player achievement
  • Fixed bug where a pending entry level contract could be offered to a player even though he would be 21 years old
  • Fixed bug where contract offer from previous team wasn’t canceled when trading player rights
  • Fixed bug where multiple friendly games could be scheduled on same day
  • Fixed bug where trade value were not equal when trading between league levels.
  • Fixed bug where team page could crash on the last day of season
Secure save actions
Many of the previous simulator crashes has been due to conflicting and corrupted data. This occurs when the simulator and the user tries to access and save information at the same time. This is rare but happens from time to time, specially on the fast worlds since the simulator runs at a tighter schedule.
To prevent this the save action is now locked when the simulator is accessing critical data. Not all simulations will lock the save action so hopefully this won’t be an inconvenience for the user. During critical simulations the countdown clock will be replaced by a flashing “Simulating”. During this time almost all save buttons will in inactivated. All pages are still readable. The buttons will automatically be activated once the simulation finishes. Note that some non critical save actions, such as change player number, will be enabled even during these simulations.

#27381 GHL s10 power rankings.

Posted by Erzac on May 22, 2017 - 07:03 AM

To combat some Monday boredom, I went ahead and calculated some average overall stats from GHL teams. Overall doesn't of course paint the full picture of a player's capabilities, and thus is only a vague approximation of what a team can do, but it's the only easily available number for comparison.


Team overalls here are comprised of the average of a team's best 18 skaters (12 centers/forwards, 6 defenders) and the starting goalie. OFF/DEF come from the same players, but are simply rounded up/down to the closest full number for clarity. SG is simply the assumed starting goalie (best overall). Calculations made on day 5 of S10.


Here are the numbers - teams are in order starting from best OVR.


1.  West Chicago Protons (GM: Richard Feynman - bouncer)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 95 OVR: 89,5


2.  Deadwood Vandals (GM: Kim Vandaele - koekefix)

OFF: 87 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 88,4


3.  Harrisonville Sabercats (GM: Hurja Herra)

OFF: 88 DEF: 89 SG: 88 OVR: 87,6


4.  Rome Trojans (GM: Yann Rock)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 91 OVR: 87,5


5.  Cedar Rapids Minutemen (GM: Richard Armour)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 93 OVR: 87,1


6.  Eldred Elite (GM: Steven Bennett)

OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 93 OVR: 87,0


7.  Canmore Grizzlies (GM: Matt Muffett - themattinthehat)

OFF: 86 DEF: 87 SG: 91 OVR: 86,9


8.  Moapa Valley Gothic Knights (GM: David Chaw - FTW)

OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 90 OVR: 86,9


9.  Richford Rebels (GM: Jusu Manager)

OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 89 OVR: 86,9


10. St.Thomas Stray Cats (GM: Erzac Ray - Erzac)

OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 90 OVR: 86,8


11. Portland Oilers (GM: Xavier Zhou - xZhou)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 91 OVR: 86,6


12. York Wolf Pack (GM: Jiri Heikkala)

OFF: 85 DEF: 87 SG: 93 OVR: 86,2


13. Violet Volcano (GM: Soupy Salez)

OFF: 85 DEF: 88 SG: 92 OVR: 86,1


14. Thetford Mines Pegasus (GM: Anthony Grauwels - Pingu)

OFF: 85 DEF: 86 SG: 89 OVR: 85,5


15. Oshawa Dynasty Heroes (GM: Kris Zenatik - Euph)

OFF: 85 DEF: 85 SG: 86 OVR: 84,7


16. Collegeville Rhinos (BOT)

OFF: 85 DEF: 82 SG: 90 OVR: 84,4

#34140 Adam Svennsson

Posted by Wendel Clark on April 09, 2018 - 10:36 AM

Dangles, season 9

Day 29: Adam Svennsson releases 93 overall defender from one team planning to cheat him into another team

Day 31: Cascade Locks Hounds Dogs (sonstone) sign this defender to prevent this cheat from happening, stuffs him into affiliates and does not use the player to his own club's benefit in any way.

Day 51: As soon as trade lock is lifted, the player is "traded" (for 39 year old, 56 overall = given for free) back to his original team as was the plan all along.


Thanks Lee, super fair thing to do and I thought this was worth mentioning in public.

#33649 GHL S14 power rankings

Posted by Erzac on March 25, 2018 - 07:10 AM

1. West Chicago Protons (Richard "bouncer" Feynman)

OFF: 90 DEF: 94 SG: 97 OVR: 92,0

Age: 30,5


2. Deadwood Vandals (Kim "koekefix" Vandaele)

OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 96 OVR: 91,4

Age: 29,2


3. Portland Marauders (Xavier "xZhou" Zhou)

OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 93 OVR: 91,1

Age: 25,9


4. Richford Rebels (Jusu "Jusu5" Manager)

OFF: 89 DEF: 92 SG: 95 OVR: 90,9

Age: 28,7


5. Canmore Grizzlies (Matt "themattinthehat" Muffett)

OFF: 90 DEF: 91 SG: 92 OVR 90,6

Age: 28,5


6. Harrisonville Sabercats (Hurja "HurjaHerra" Herra)

OFF: 90 DEF: 90 SG: 95 OVR: 90,5

Age: 29,4


7. St. Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac "Erzac" Ray)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 93 OVR: 90,2

Age: 27,5


8. Eldred Elite (Steven "Steve" Bennett)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 93 OVR: 90,1

Age: 29,6


9. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard "rainsilent" Armour)

OFF: 88 DEF: 92 SG: 94 OVR: 90,0

Age: 27,5


10. Thetford Mines Pegasus (Anthony "Pingu" Grauwels)

OFF: 90 DEF: 89 SG: 95 OVR: 89,8

Age: 28,4


11. York Wolf Pack (Jiri "jiihee" Heikkala)

OFF: 89 DEF: 90 SG: 93 OVR: 89,7

Age: 29,9


12. Buckingham Breakouts (Jussi "jusatin" Ahonen)

OFF: 88 DEF: 90 SG: 95 OVR: 89,2

Age: 27,2


13. Violet Volcano (Soupy Salez)

OFF: 88 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 89,1

Age: 28,9


14. Cuba City Tomahawks (BEN \)

OFF: 87 DEF: 90 SG: 91 OVR: 88,6

Age: 30,3


15. Hawkeye Indians (Wills Sk)

OFF: 87 DEF: 90 SG: 91 OVR: 88,6

Age: 27,1


16. Pinehurst Miners (Phoenix "phoenixtf" TF)

OFF: 87 DEF: 89 SG: 95 OVR: 88,5

Age: 28,3


League AVG team OVR: 90,0

League AVG team age: 28,6



Calculated on day 3 of S14, using:


Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF x 2) + (SG x 2))/26



OFF = Combined overall of 12 best centers/forwards

DEF = Combined overall of 6 best defenders

SG = Overall of starting goalie (best overall goalie in team)

#32416 v1.3.3

Posted by GamePlanHockey on January 28, 2018 - 05:24 PM

New feature IR & Waivers

  • IR
    Teams now have the possibility to place injured players on the injured reserve list. By doing so the player’s salary will not be counted against the team’s salary cap. This will allow the team to either recall a player from the affiliate or to sign a replacement from the free agent list. All players assigned to the injured reserve list must spend a minimum of 5 days on the list before being activated. Once the player is healthy he must be activated within another 5 days else he will be eligible for waivers (see below).
  • Waivers
    In order to free cap space teams may place up to 3 players on waivers. Waived players will not count their salary against the team’s salary cap and they will not be able to play games for the team while being placed on the waivers. All waived players are available for free transfer to any other team who are willing to acquiring the player’s contract. 

    Interested teams then have the possibility to put in a claim for the player. If more than one team puts in a claim then a lottery will decide which team that gets the player. The worse the league position the better the chance in the lottery. The lottery is held (and transfer) at the end of the next day after the first claim.

    Waived players are available for claim to any team that would be eligible to trade for the player. All waived players may be found on the transfer page by using the search panel.

    This is a first version of the waivers in GPHM and it's not yet feature complete. There are some important differences between the current waivers in GPHM and how things work in the NHL. In GPHM a player won’t need to clear waivers before being sent down to the affiliate. All 2-way players may still be moved up and down the affiliate without any restrictions. And 1-way players still can’t be sent down to the affiliate even if being placed on the waiver list.
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Improved computer team trade statuses, Computer teams will protect their top players and young prospects (Previously installed)
  • Add/Remove player to/from shortlist directly from player dropdowns.
  • Rework of the transfer page. Latest transactions are now the default view. Improved loading in find players (no default search result). Find player result for free agents will no longer display player’s interest for team, instead a general interest value is displayed to show how many other teams are interested in the player.
  • Salary cap penalties are now removed if team is promoted or relegated.
  • Improved page loading speed for manager, team and player pages. Tabs will load on demand.
  • Adjustment player development. Small decrease for juniors.
  • Adjustment of retirement age. Bigger chance of retirement.
  • Adjustment of contract demands. Reputation has bigger impact and decrease in demands for older players.
  • Adjustment of assistant ratings in game analysis
  • Adjustment of injuries (decreased)
  • Adjustment of simulator locks (decreased)
  • Fixed bug where player was auto recalled from affiliate even if injured
  • Fixed bug where account type was not synced if manager switched worlds
  • Fixed bug where players was ruled as underestimating the opponent in every game
  • Fixed bug where inbox message for playoff relegation was not correct
  • Fixed bug where inbox message was not sent on free agent signing for shortlisted player
  • Fixed bug where pending contract was not transformed to promoted league level
  • Fixed bug where negative cap on current season blocked pending signing for next season
  • Fixed minor layout bugs
  • Fixed bug for stats sorter on team page
  • Fixed bug where no inbox message was sent for injured affilaite players

#30926 Anders What's With All the Untouchables on CPU Teams?

Posted by GamePlanHockey on November 05, 2017 - 04:42 PM

There has actually been an update where computer teams will protect their young stars, making them untouchable for trades. This is an attempt to further improve the computer trading AI. I will evaluate this the upcoming days and make adjustments if needed.

#29766 Biscuit Map

Posted by Paul T on September 09, 2017 - 06:05 AM

I started looking into team/city locations out of curiosity.  Being a visual guy who digs graphics, I decided to pull a map together.  Below is a map of all GHL teams.    If I get more free time I may do SHL/BHL.  Enjoy.


Attached File  Biscuit GHL Map.png   257.35KB   3 downloads

#21438 Shootout Lineup

Posted by EXXEO on May 24, 2016 - 03:06 PM

Would it be possible to add a shootout lineup option into the mix?

#32847 Hoarding Players

Posted by rainsilent on February 23, 2018 - 02:14 AM

 I believe that it adds a level of strategy and really helps the new managers build a team.


It does the exact opposite. With fewer viable options the ability to build or even rebuild a team becomes more limited the more people do it. In the league I am in the only FAs after a few days are older or are limited in actual ability. It makes it exceptionally difficult to build a team.



Also, there are a crap ton of free agents (yes, crap ton is a technical term and a literal measurement;) so it's not like manager A signing player B impacts manager C.


While yes there are a number of FAs there is a reason most are in FA. They are journeyman players that are good enough to be role players or are otherwise too limited in ability to be much more than limited ability specialists. You can't build a team around those players. Thus manager A signing player A (who won't ever really be used on the team and is being buried as a depth option for the team when they are fully capable of being a starter in the league) is forcing manager B to go to to options that are less than optimal thus reducing the ability for them to put together a competitive team. That then impacts manager C and then D and on down the line. The chained result (if everyone took part in player hoarding) is that it would create a never breakable situation where the top teams in the GHL stay there for eternity due to talent hoarding and the SHL teams trying to break into the GHL are never going to stay because they don't have the ability to get the players necessary to even field a remotely competitive team thus they go right back to the SHL. The only people in that scenario that would be enjoying that are the select few at the top of the GHL. That is a gameplay archetype that would kill this game.

#32028 So I tried to come back, but.....

Posted by Paul T on January 06, 2018 - 10:59 AM

For what it's worth...


(1) I think it's still easy to trade with COM teams, but you gotta be willing to give up something of value to get exactly what you're looking for.  I don't think you can "stack" your team this way, but you can definitely improve an area of need if you have depth, and are willing to give up a few assets, elsewhere.


(2) I love the improved trading logic because it prevents teams from "stacking up" without losing anything of value.


(3) Does anyone else see yellow?  It's orange on my screen.

#30105 Pre release v1.3.2

Posted by GamePlanHockey on September 26, 2017 - 02:35 PM

The past few weeks I have made a numerous releases to the UAT, since there have been mostly bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements I haven't released any info regarding its contents. But in today's release there has been a small UI change of the world info worth mentioning. So here's the complete change log so far.


  • World info and countdown is now clickable to reveal more detailed info regarding upcoming events
  • When world is simulating (flashing SIMULATING) more info regarding estimated finish is available when clicked
  • More detailed team finances/salary cap info
  • Player development will slow down if assigned to too low affiliate level
  • Player may be unhappy if assigned to affiliate even if on two way contract
  • Improved and more individualistic player regression
  • Fixed bug where team standings could be become unsync
  • Fixed bug where manager name was displayed as Computer on team history
  • Fixed bug where salary cap wasn't updated correctly when trading for affiliate assigned players
  • Fixed bug where goalie stats wasn't correctly updated when assigned to affiliate
  • Fixed bug where injured players still could be auto assigned to lineup in games
  • Fixed bug where players could play games for more than one team at once
  • Fixed bug where player stats could not be sorted on BKS (Blocked shots)
  • Fixed bug where a player wasn't rewarded a league achievement if released before season end 
  • Fixed small typo

Note. This is not the complete list for the upcoming v1.3.2. There's still a few more things planned. I'm aiming for a release to the official game worlds in early October.

#27872 Staff of GPHM - Need help, advice or any other support?

Posted by GamePlanHockey on June 13, 2017 - 05:05 AM

There are three different roles of the GPHM staff; Moderator, Advisor and Support team member. You're always welcome to contact any staff member at any time. Check the role descriptions below to know who is best suited to assist you.



Moderators main task is to help users find information on the forum and moderate posts and topics.


Current moderators (hover names for more info)




A moderator’s role include:

  • Help users find information on the forum
  • Moderate forum posts, for example:
    - Move topics that may have been created in the wrong section
    - Merge duplicate topics
    - Lock or delete offensive or inappropriate topics and posts
  • Help keep discussions healthy and constructive
  • Notify the support team with any urgent problem that have not been reported or already tended to
  • Move, lock or delete bug reports that have been stated not being an actual bug



Advisors main task is to help users with game related questions and contribute to the help files.


Current advisors (hover names for more info)





An advisor’s role include:

  • Help new users (if asked) to get going with the game basics
  • Answer any game related question asked on the forum (if not already answered)
  • Contribute to the Help files section of the forum. Specially for frequently asked questions.
  • Help sort out if a reported bug is actually a bug
  • Suggest and prioritise most wanted features for future development
  • Notify the developer if any feature or game aspect isn’t working  out as intended or is flawed (not bugged).


Support team

Support team members main task is to take action against cheaters and help users with urgent problems.


Current support team (hover names for more info)




NOTE! Please send an email to support@gameplanhockey.com to get in contact with the support team.


A support team members role include:

  • User account management
  • Investigate reported cheating suspicions
  • Help users with any other urgent problems

#20497 v1.0.2

Posted by GamePlanHockey on March 13, 2016 - 05:38 PM

# v1.0.2

## New features
  • Breaking change: The in game hints are currently removed. I have not been entirely happy with the result so instead I’m working on adding as much info to the help files section at this forum.
## Bug fixes and improvements
  • Async tab load on league, world and transfer page to improve page loads. Tabs other than the first tab will now load once clicked.
  • Manager setting for preferred height/weight setting is now replaced with a more general culture setting that also changes display of goalie stats (SV% 91,5% vs .930)
  • Players auto signed in the last minute now has lower league contracts which allows the to be released without any penalty.
  • Promotion contracts for players can no longer exceed the base salary when promoted or traded to a higher league level.
  • Small adjustment of game engine
  • Adjustment of endurance loss in games
  • Adjustment on performance ratings on players losing faceoffs
  • Adjustment (decrease) of fighting in games
  • Non playable teams are now listed among all teams on world page.
  • Only top 10 players are now displayed as top players on world leagues
  • Fixed bug where salary cap and/or trade balance was displayed as NAN while making a trade offer
  • Fixed bug where the trade option was visible on players in non tradable league levels
  • Fixed typo in injury news item
  • Fixed bug where league page would become inaccessible on the very last day of the season.
  • Fixed bug where lower league teams filtered out many suitable free agents
  • Fixed bug where powerplay opportunities miscalculated

#34923 Minor change to the GHL playoff format

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 25, 2018 - 12:13 PM

Currently in the GHL, the playoff structure looks like:


Series A: Rank 1 vs Rank 8

Series B: Rank 2 vs Rank 7

Series C: Rank 3 vs Rank 6

Series D: Rank 4 vs Rank 5


Series E: Winner A vs Winner B

Series F: Winner C vs Winner D


Final: Winner E vs Winner F


The current path ensures that there will never be the top 2 teams fighting it out in the finals. It also makes it so that the teams rank 4th and 5th have the highest chance at getting the easiest path to the cup. And since the 5th place team is also entered into a better playoff lottery compared to the top 4 teams, it makes it the ideal position from a purely playoffs and potential future success standpoint. My suggestion is to simply change the following series:



Series E: Winner A vs Winner D

Series F: Winner C vs Winner B

#34262 Players Released

Posted by GamePlanHockey on April 16, 2018 - 02:40 AM

I will take a look at this as soon as possible. Will pause the game world until I've figured out what's happened.